to those who have city froms/s06

  1. i would like to know whether inside the front zip pocket is it partly covered with leather and partly with cloth or only cloth????
  2. I have an ink city and a cornflower first from ss 06 and the outside pockets are exactly as you described. As far as I know they're supposed to be half leather half cloth.
  3. My s/s06 work is half cloth, half leather.
  4. the reason for this question is because there is a shopping channel i buy on uk tv and they sell bals ,everything is same as the real ones but today i saw that the inside of the front pocket was entirely of cloth-:wtf:
  5. So sorry umamanikam,You should ask Balenciaga,'cause they absolutely refused the online shopping of their bags.I verified on my twiggy 06,it's half cloth/half leather.
    Did you pay an expensive price?If you've paied by credit card,you should ask your bank,sometimes there are insurrances for this sort of problem.
    Hope you'll understand my approx. english.
  6. Yeah, I think your might be fake... mine also has the half leather half cloth on the inside outer pocket.

    I remember reading something about that I Buy channel somewhere and heard that they sell fake Tiffany&Co :crybaby: , so I wouldn't be surprised if they have fake Bbags... I hope you can get your $$ back!
  7. Did you buy one from them already? Do you have pics of it?

    Btw, my ss06 city is half leather, half cloth also.
  8. thnx a lot gals ,but i am a shrewd buyer ,i was checking it out when they showed on the tv ,
    fortunately i did not buy just wanted to confirm with u all so that i do not make the mistake
  9. You should ask Balenciaga about this...
    I'm really happy for you:yes: .