To those who cant access LT website

  1. I had problems accessing their website the whole of last week :sad: and managed to access it miraculously yesterday for a short while. Today the problem recurred and i emailed LT about it. They have asked me to post this :yes::

    Hello there:
    Yes, I know it because many ttf member email me this problem. There got big issue of worldwide internet, I am not quit sure if it related to last time earthquake or not. However it is not the problem of let-trade's website. You can use prosy brower to enter our website. go to and then enter you will see our lv items.
    Please do me a favor, do you mind post this and inform other members this issue. Many thanks and have nice day
  2. I have noticed lots of people complaining about their computers & slow internet lately.
  3. Thanks, it works - both ways!
  4. it works for me too
  5. thanks, it works :smile:
  6. wow- they have lots of stuff today............ + they are getting ready to do inventory.......and won't ship until maybe the 21st..
  7. Thats weird... the site has been working for me. However I've been emailing the seller all day today but he hasnt responded to my last email. I wish they would so I can finally pay for my new monogram speedy!! :yahoo: I want her so badly!
  8. I've been having problems too, and it's really strange how it works with the spysurfing site, but not when i type it in... :push:
  9. I placed the ordered my Montsouris and I did it before they said they would not ship out but they have not taken payment!
  10. Bumping. This is still the only way I can get on let-trade. Thanks for the info.
  11. Out of curiousity.... on my computer...when I click on the bag pictures, another window will pop up, but it is enlarged pic.

    Pop up pictures are fine on other computers.....anyone have any suggestions?
  12. Do you have a pop-up blocker? Or maybe your connection is timing out trying to load such a large image? I used to have this problem untill I told the pop up blocker in firefox to allow pop-ups from