To those of you with new puppies...How's your Puppy training coming along?


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Mar 11, 2006
side of the sea
it's....coming along. :smile:

boomer is such a smart smart girl...but she's only four months old this week so she's really still just a baby. she picks up commands quickly and has pretty much figured out what's ok to chew on and what isn't (crocs still look like chewy toys to her though, so those stay up). she sits for treats, before we let her out of the crate, and before we go in and out of a door without being told. she's doing really well on her leash, not tugging too bad. we're on a food, sleep and potty schedule. things have really settled down around here. right now we're working on not jumping up and that the living room furnature is not an obstical course. both things won't go over very well when she's 90lbs. :smile:

(wow...when you write it all out like that it seems like so much in just a few weeks!)

i guess what makes me feel hesitant about it is potty training is still a bit slow. which is really my husband and i's fault. she will go to the back door about 75% of the time if she has to pee....but she won't come get us if we're not downstairs so sometimes she has accidents. and she hasn't quite connected 100% that she's supposed to go poo outside too. and she still dribbles a lot when she's excited. we're down to only one or two accidents a day though and she's not pottying in her crate at all while i'm at work (3-4 hours) and sleeps through the night without having to potty til someday. we just keep reminding each other to be patient and that she's just a baby. until then we'll keep the enzyme cleaner and baking soda businesses in business. :smile:

how does everyone else keep their house from "smelling" like dog? i vacuum all the time and have all kind of air fresheners....but some days....whew. it smells like a kennel.

ETA: all lily and boomer tension has completely dissipated. they play ALL the time now and are best best friends. in that way, it's been perfect.


Aug 17, 2007
I thought I would resurrect this thread to see if there were any new puppy owners I could share my frustration with?

Bella is 15.5 weeks and is chewing everything and half the time refuses to toilet outside. We waited with her for half an hour outside last night and then a second after she came inside she toileted.
Make sure you have plenty of chew toys, and if you are not watching your dog (ie cooking, cleaning) your dog should be in the kennel, a puppy safe area or leashed to you.

When potty training, take your puppy to the same place every time, don't let her play. Tell her to "potty" or whatever word you choose, give her a minute or so and if she doesn't go, bring her back in and put her in the crate. Try again a few minutes later, she shouldn't be left out of the crate until she goes. When she does go, make sure you give her lots a praise and treats.

Good luck, potty training can be frustrating.
Mar 24, 2007
- NyC -
^^ I agree, it takes time. Bindi still has accidents in the house. Like she knows to use her wee wee pad but sometimes she'll go right next to it instead of on it. It's really about timing her after she eats and just watching her like a hawk.

Good Luck!


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Jan 13, 2006
Long Island, NY
House breaking can totally drag on. I mentioned it before but what really helped was teaching the dog to ring jingle bells on the back door whenever she needs to go out. When she was younger I tied them on and everytime I would take her out I would push the jingle bells into her nose and say "bathroom". For about a week and a half it seemed like she totally did't get it and then one day we heard her ring them! We were soooo happy! Now she does it all the time and it leaves the guess work out of it.


Nov 2, 2006
I have set up a very regimented routine that I'm hoping my partner sticks to while I'm at work today.

I think she just needs consistency and a lot of praise so that she thinks toileting outside is normal, inside isn't.

I have had some awful occasions where I've seen she is about to go, grabbed her, and her droppings are halfway out :sad: