To those of you with new puppies...How's your Puppy training coming along?

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  1. I know many of you girls got new puppies recently and I was wondering how your puppy training was doing?

    My Chloe will be 4 months old next week, and she's doing "okay". Going thru the chewing anything phase. She chewed my camera cord, so now I have to go buy a new one and cant download pix till then. We keep anything important off the floor of course. She did get into my makeup basket and chewed up all my makeup brushes....

    She hasn't had any accidents in 2 weeks so I'm happy about that. I keep her on a strict schedule with eating so I know when she needs to poop and pee. I walk her all the time though just to get her out of the house.

    She is getting spayed at the end of June.

    Oh and she LOVES water and gets bathed every week. She also loves the blow dryer ! We got her a puppy pool and she is in it daily. We put about 2 inches of water in it.

    The cats still dont like her, but they are getting better. She just wants to play with them and they want nothing to do with her. Their safe haven is in my room on my bed lately. Chloe cant jump quite that high yet. (although she is trying).

    How is everyones puppy training coming along?
  2. my puppy training sucked! lol....well it's not really funny but between me and my dad we both butt heads regarding how to train..and when to feed. I should put my dog on a strict schedule..but she just kinda eats whenever...Good thing though is she at holding her potty in until we get if she doesn't go potty before I leave then she's gotta wait when my dad or I get home.
  3. Pretty good. I've started making him sit before I set his food bowl down. I think he knows the word 'Sit' now. He's only 10 weeks which is young for training because I guess their brain hasn't developed? But I am trying to start early.
  4. Jill, I feed her at 6:00am and then again at 5:30pm. I leave her food out for no more than 20 minutes. Her bowel movements are pretty much right on schedule that way and it makes it easier for her to be trained. Try setting a certain time to feed her, you will find it much easier to train her that way.
  5. My dog isn't a puppy, but I'm chiming in because we adopted him as a rescue, the vet thinks he's about 2, and it's obvious he's had no training except for housebreaking.

    He is walking on the leash better; not counter-surfing much anymore; but he still digs in the yard, nuisance barks way too much, and I never know when he will get hold of something and destroy it. We're determined to stick with it, but he wears me out. (He gets LOTS of exercise)

    Honestly, I think a puppy would be easier. We have a 75 pound dog with ingrained bad habits. In his favor, tho, he doesn't have a mean bone in his body--he is really sweet, just so energetic and mischievous.
  6. Boxermom - Like the saying says "it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks".

    OhDonna! - My puppy is 8 weeks old and we have only had her for 2 days. She is going great with her toilet training,i take her out after she eats, sleeps and plays. Yesterday she only made 1 mistake inside and today so-far she has made 1 also, but really they were both my fault as i wasn't paying attention!!

    She gets along great with my Alaskan Malamute and Burmese Cat. I was really surprised as they didn't seem to care about the new addition at all. At first my Malamute didn't like sharing her water bowl, but now she is fine.

    She loves to chew everything, so i have to watch her closely....actually right now she is trying to chew my shoe!!!! She loves to carry around my kids matchbox cars and they think that is great!!

    As for feeding i also feed her twice a day and only leave the food down for around 15 minutes, after she has eaten i take her outside until she goes to the toilet.

    I am a stay at home mum so i am with her all the time and i believe this makes training alot easier.

    I am trying to teach her to sit but she really only does this when she wants to, i don't think she has a clue what i am saying just yet!! :smile:

    She has learn't her name already!! Overall she has been alot easier to train than my Malamute, Sasha, she was a pain!!!!

    Hopefully it continues this easy:tup::heart:
  7. He's at the perfect age to learn right now. Good job starting early. A puppy at the age of ten weeks is capable of learning anything an adult dog can. You may not get the polished responses you would with an older dog with years of training under their belt, but puppies can be very obedient and soak up training like a sponge.

    Have you gotten into a class yet? This really is the best way to not only learn a few commands but to socialize him around other dogs and people as well which is very important.

    As a dog trainer, I wish more people would focus on training and encouraging good behavior at a young age, rather than waiting and trying to fix bad behavior down the road. It's so much easier to get it right the first time!
  8. Those of you who have cats---how do you keep the puppy from eating their food? I really need to know as my DH is bringing home our puppy tomorrow.
  9. I keep all my cats food up on a shelf in the laundry, its about the same height as a table so the cat can get it but the dog can't!! My mum used to put a board over the sink in the laundry and put the food on that, but i'm too lazy to keep moving it everytime i need to use the sink!!:okay:
  10. I had to put the cat food up when my puppy was training....I just put it up on an empty desk that was in 'their' room.
    Also important is keeping the dog away from the litter....UGH when mine was a puppy he liked to pull presents out of the litter box! Thankfully he doesn't anymore!
  11. My Chloe will eat the cats dry food sometimes, very rarely. She WILL eat out of the litter box...eeeuuuuwww! Boy, talk about bad breath! She is getting alot better though. If she tries to sneak over to it all she has to do is look at me watching her and she will walk away.

    I didnt want her having ANY people food. NONE. But one of my neighbors fed her part of a sandwich and now she wants our food. We ignore her and she will beg for a few minutes and then stop. When she stops I reward her with a treat a while later.

    I must say. I have been exhausted since we got her. She has been more work than a newborn baby! But I adore her. She's my baby girl.
  12. I have two dogs .... one is about 1 yr and 5 months and one is about 10 months. The younger one was perfectly trained up until he hit 4 months. Now he pisses everywhere and chews everything that will fit in his mouth (which is pretty bad). All the wires in the house has nibbles on it. Were just hoping its a stage and will pass soon.
  13. Well, I don't have a puppy but I have a problem and maybe I can post my concerns on this thread. I just recently moved into a new house and it seem like I need to train my dog all over again. At our old condo, he was totally housebroken, but as soon as I moved here, all of that housetraining went out the door! I tried crate training but my fiancee comes home from work and lets him out, so that is out. does anyone have any suggestions for me, please
  14. Sounds like Chloe is growing up so nicely! I hear puppies are a lot of work, but you seem to be doing very well, Donna!!!
    I always create a ONLY CATS rooms so they can always be assured no dogs will be there. But my cats are higher in the totem pole at our household... Cats, Me, Husband/Dogs...:P My dogs are not allowed to go upstairs, period. And we trained them that way. They are the ones limited, but they can go outside, where my cats cannot, so I justify that way. But that is just me. I am a cat person... So all my litterboxes are upstairs. I don't think there is a cure for dogs not to eat cat poop...except to put the litterbox where the dogs do not have access to. That would be my suggestions for those household where cats came first. They taste good to them, period!!! EEEWWW it is! One of my dogs eat their own poop, and I gave up.
  15. Tiramisu, Chloe started eating her own poop and I got these chewable tablets from the pets tore. She gets one a day and it helps neutralize the poop so its not as, umm, appetizing. No problems since then. I was told since I feed her all natural dog food that she might do that since there are no preservatives and bad things in it.

    My kitties have claimed my room as their own, which is fine since they sleep with me anyway. Chloe is absolutely not allowed to go in there. I leave the door open and she stays right in the doorway and barks at them. The cats are trouble makers as well, they hang of the edge of the bed and tease Chloe. If she gets too close they slap her in the head. No claws, so its actually funny to watch, cause she just stands there while they hit her with their paws.

    She did chew thru my camera to pc cord. That set me back $40 at the Sony store. And last night she was eyeing the cable cord. Dont they make a spray to keep pets away from things? I thought there was something like that at Petsmart.