To those of you with beautiful Suhali ….

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  1. Anyone using a Le Fab or Le Tal as an everyday bag?
    I’ve saved mine for special occasions and one of my 2007 resolutions it to actually use the bags in my closet.:borg1:
    I’ve hardly used my Le Fab, but have carefully used my Le Tal and you can tell where the goatskin is starting to get crease marks.

    Anyhow, I was wondering if any of you are using them often – How are they holding up?

    Appreciate your thoughts!
  2. My Le Tal. Is Fine I Used Mine Everyday For About 6 Months.
  3. Thanks for your thoughts Princess...

    Marks on the hardware don't bug me, but I guess the two things I'm concern about are:
    Does the white edging show dirt at all? vbmenu_register("postmenu_1489142", true);
    Did the flap top start showing creases?
  4. I was going to buy Le talentueux but decided not to cuz it seriously makes me look 30 (not that there's anything wrong with being 30 lol, it's just that I was 19 at the time and thought it's a bit too conservative for me). I was looking at the white and red (geranium) bags and my SA told me that white is easier to get dirty and she suggested using an eraser to get rid of dirt, instead of water. Also, she said for me, it's not an everyday bag, but I think it can be used daily...
  5. I just bought my Le Tal in October and shows no sign of wear, yet. No creases or dirt. I don't think the bags get dirty easily, not too sure about the creases.
  6. Thanks for your thoughts.
    There's a blue suhali wallet listed on eBay that isn't that old and I was surprised at how much the edge is peeling of it.:hrmm:
  7. i have a L'Epanoui GM, which has the flap also, and even though i bought it in May and have used it a considerable number of times, there hasn't been much creasing. also, it's white, but it's still as flawless as it was the day i bought it.
  8. :wtf: what? lol. thats contradictory...
  9. I have a le fab and it still looks brand new however, I have so many purses I tend to change them out alot. And I too, am scared it will get ruined.
  10. :drool: :heart: :drool:

    Your bag is stunning!
    I about injured my jaw dropped to the floor when I saw some pics of your collection.
    I'm so glad to hear the white is wearing well for folks and the suhali seems to be more durable than I might have imagined.
    I think the crusty peeling edges I saw on the wallet kind of scared me
  11. I have two white suhali bags and a plum one and have had no issues with any of my suhali bags ... I have had a couple of them for over 3 years and they still look in great fact when I was at LV here a month or so ago and used my plum le tal and I placed it down on the display area and another client wanted to know if it was for sale:nuts: Suhali is one of my fav lines:heart:
  12. I would use my white Le Fab everyday actually. The suhali leather seems to hold up well.
  13. If I had a glorious Suhali bag, I'd have to use it at least once a week!
  14. I just got a black lockit MM for Christmas, it seems very sturdy and I do plan on using it as an everyday bag :smile:
  15. I think she meant that it wasn't intended by LV as an everday bag, but you could certainly use it as one? :shrugs: