to the owners of the Roxbury Pomme D'amour

  1. is the bag versatile? and by that i mean can you wear anything with it and it'll still look great? because it seems it's very classy and very dressed up. i love the bag and i think it's gorgeous, but my only concern is that it's not practical and that even at times when i go out i'm usually in casual wear like jeans... i'm afraid that the bag would make me look a little out of place. what's your experience?
  2. I wear mine with jeans from time to time and I got some cute slides in the same shade to wear with them. I think the red is pretty versatile and can go dressy or also looks great with khakis.
  3. i think it looks awesome with jeans.
  4. but sadly... i'm not getting it.... and by the time i could afford getting my 2nd lv bag.. it's probably gone... since pomme is a seasonal colour =(