To the military wives amongst us....

  1. It is just a wee thing and I mean no disrespect to the views of others....

    But I want to say that as I was completety surprised by the unexpected return of my DH who was working on a submarine in order to get it out to sea on time....I thought once again of the families who were left behind by that ship getting underway. I used to be one of you.

    I know there are many lurkers here on tPF and if you happen to see this post, know that I am truly thankful for ALL that you and your family sacrifice for those of us at home. God bless you....
  2. Merry Christmas Stinkerbelle!! Get off the computer and give DH the lovin' he deserves :graucho:!!! OR check out the Saks sale...
  3. I am sooooo happy he was able to make it home. Have a Merry Christmas
    Love and Hugs!
  4. Congrats on your surprise - it will make your Christmas even more special!
  5. What a wonderful surprise. I hope it makes your Christmas a well deserved joy. :smile:
  6. YEAH!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    I am so happy for you Stinker!!!!

    Enjoy your Holiday and the time w/ DH:party::party:
  7. Merry Christmas Stinkerbelle!!!!!
  8. Awe, what a lovely Christmas Present!:yahoo::heart:
  9. Thanks sweetie. I am a military wife and I appreciate it very much.

    CONGRATULATIONS on your DH's return for Christmas!!
  10. I am not a Military Wife, but I am in Iraq and I do wish the best for:

    -the wives who have husbands
    -the husbands who have wives
    -the wives who have wives
    -the husbands who have husbands

    And are away from home during this time of year
  11. Stinker - that was very thoughtful of you. I am one - and me and the hubby have a long way to go in the military. He has not been deployed (yet) and I am not sure how I'll cope up if that happens. It will be fine I hope.

    Merry Christmas to all again. God bless us all.
  12. Thanks for that sentiment Stinkerbelle. DH and I are both soldiers, but I felt the pain associated with a lover on the homefront during a deployment. It was a very unique time for us, as from here on out we will deploy together.

    I'm truly always thankful for my brothers and sisters in arms and their families that go through these times so the rest of us can stay at home during the holidays.
  13. Thank you for your kind words
  14. I am very thankful to our military & their families too.
    The freedom we enjoy comes with a price, and bless those who are willing to put themselves out there so we can continue to enjoy it.
    (My DD leaves for Navy duty on January 16th- proud to be the parent of a sailor!)
  15. Yeap... we owe our freedom to our military; great sacrifice. Have a very wonderful happi holidays to our brave ones!