To the men: do you use your pochette?

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  1. Hey men:

    Do any of you own pochettes that you actually wear? I have no ailments about wearing the things that I like, but I wonder how many other guys out there wear their pochettes?

    [1] Do you collect them?

    [2] Do you carry by chain or clip on belt loop?

    [3] Anyone with pictures?

    ** I am getting the Trunks & Bags edition next week and yes... I will carry it proudly! :roflmfao: It is more cost effective than the wapity (not to mention much roomier too! The MC wapity will be mine on Val's Day)
  2. I think I can help


    you just reminded me to take it out of the closet it's been sitting there for months, I use it to put my lip gloss and conciler j/k lmao...
  3. I'd have to do quite a bit of squats to get my a** in shape to bring that much attention to it :smile: You know, with the holidays and all!

    Great pic. Come on guys! Represent your pochettes...
  4. i have a mono pochette, use it for my psp, if I use it, like two times a month :d

    I put it in another big bag tough..

    I would like a mini pochettte, but in something black with silver hardware....

  5. what is the style of the pochette? :confused1: thxs:tup:
  6. ^^^Mini Pochette:yes:
  7. I use my ebene pochette in my bigger bags. But u would never carry it as a stand alone. I really want a t&b mini pochette and a panda pochette though.
  8. I would LOVE to collect them and to use them in my bags but I guess I havn't yet haha
  9. No problem with guys carrying pochettes as long as it's not on their shoulder!
  10. I love the way latinmalemodel carries his, so stylish.
  11. im just waiting if they'll ever produce the T&B in Damier Azur. i plan to use it as a pouch/compartment for my Tobago shoe bag. but i don't think i'd ever use a Pochette by itself.
  12. my antigua pochette plate GM is used when I go traveling =)
  13. I mainly use it for tavel or to organise my KEEPall and similar. I don't collect them.
  14. hey... after seeing this post...i am getting a mini pochette tomoorrow to put in my jeans back pocket...:yes: LV boutique says its only comes in MONO and DAMIER deisgn... is it true?:confused1:

    P.S. i am guy..:graucho:
  15. i use my antigua pochette plate PM on weekends to hold all my other LV stuff, wallet, card case, coin pouch etc. tee, berms, flip-flops and my LV.