to the ladies whose SO's so graciously buy them LV for special occasions...

  1. if you come across an item that may be limited edition (like it seems many items for valentine's usually are) do you just hint to your boyfriend or DH that you want that, and they take care of it? or do you say, i'm putting my name on that list and when they say it's in, he can go get it...? lol. LV is quite expensive and those who receive it for birthdays and valentine's day are very lucky, but i'm just wondering how some of you really got what you wished for.

    for example, the heart coin purses last valentine's were extremely coveted, and out in january if i remember correctly, way before valentine's. most likely if you were lucky enough to get one, you had to waitlist for it. but i know some of you said your boyfriends or DHs get that stuff--limited stuff--for you. do you just tell them you put your name on the list and that's what you want? or are they well known customer at LV now and just waitlist themselves? lol. i'm just curious.
  2. I sense someone yearning for a miroir heart coin purse this Valentines?:yes:
    Personally, my husband's well connected with the SA's at our local LV. so they tell him what new and hot. he's usually really good at choosing stuff for me by himself. But if there's something I really, really want I drop hints and show him stuff on TPF. Otherwise I know my daughter will tell him what I want.

    I guess I'll show him your post later today and perhaps I will be lucky enough to get a miroir heart too.:graucho:

    Best of luck to you. I hope your SO surprises you this Valentines.
  3. ^^^ hahah i wouldn't expect the new bf to spend that much money on me. lol. i bought myself an envelope pouch last year, i didn't have a bf then so i bought myself a v-day gift. lol. although he keeps saying he's going to have to open a savings account to buy me things like that. i'm just like stopppp. lol, but he always says he likes a girl who likes expensive things so that's his choice pretty much. lol. he will be coming into LV with me for the first time next weekend, so then he will really be able to see what it's all about :sneaky:

    he says he WILL have a ferrari some day though, so i'm not the only one in love with a luxury brand :biggrin:
  4. I buy my own LV and I'm also lucky to have a hubby who understands bag LOVE. He's happy to oblige on special occasions but asks me to be very specific since he doesn't know much about purses. :love:
  5. I only started collecting September last year. I got my first as a birthday present and then the rest on other special occasions; all in all I am only allowed to expect LV gifts 6 times in a year from DH and I have arranged this with my SA.
  6. my boyfriend peeks at my online kaboodle wishlist and buys whatever item that's tied with him on the list as top priority =]

    so far it's been working :yes:
  7. ^^^ hmm, is this a site i don't know about?
  8. ^^^ NICE!!!!!!!!! :biggrin: haha i'll have to check that out!
  9. Lol ya, it's a good idea. I don't have anyone to send them to though haha. My SO wouldn't get me anything on my list no matter how many times I reminded him. :p
  10. haha yes i love because you can put like anything on there =]

    I put my boyfriend (his myspace) on my christmas wishlist because he left to go back to the middle east at the end of november and it says "Buy a *boyfriend* at" LOL he's listed as highest priority on the list..but earlier there was a Damier Azur Saleya GM tied with him..and he got it for me for christmas!!
  11. Most of the time, I buy bags for myself, and I would not expect him to get it for me, haha... but he did sponsor more than half of my damier sophie, as a Christmas pressie, which makes me a happy gal! Hmm... I guess I would be very specific if I really really wanted something, at least he can know his budget for it, IMHO. :p
  12. 6 times a year seems like a pretty good deal to me. Great DH!
  13. he says he WILL have a ferrari some day though, so i'm not the only one in love with a luxury brand :biggrin:[/quote]

    Always a good sign!:graucho:
  14. ^^^ you're telling me. the boy is going to school for mechanical engineering, and is getting minors in math, physics, AND business. he's taken up to CALCULUS 5!!! i'm terrible at math...but damn, more power to him.

    he's extremely ambitious and always thinking up new ideas. and i know he wants to be able to give me those things, which is good too. dollar signs don't seem to phase him since he insists he will be able to buy whatever he wants at some point. lol.