To the ladies who own a 2.55 re-issue...

  1. Help..I'm really torn between getting either the re-issue in size 226 or size 227...:wtf:

    Could any of you kind ladies supplement the dimensions of the 226 or 227?

  2. You should walk into Taka, there's a small Chanel there and they have the velvet 2.55 in 225, 226 and 227. I tried it on for size and realised I wasn't really in love. :crybaby:

  3. You weren't in love with the velvet? Which size do you think is the best?
  4. I have the 226 reissue. It works for me because I do not carry alot of stuff. If you want to carry more than a wallet, cell phone, and a few small items, I would recommend the 227.
  5. I have the 226 as well. It's perfect for me. I sent the 227 back because it felt to big on me.
  6. I love my 227!
    its starting to become more roomy as it softens
  7. I like the 227 because you will never outgrow it. A bigger bag always comes in handy.
  8. Agree!! I don't like my bags to feel stuffed to the gils and the 227 is a great size! I have the white with silver and my black with gold is on the way!!
  9. Thanks for the info ladies..:smile:

    Guess a 227 would be a better size for me as I already have the medium/large classic flap, and I find it a tad too small for me.
  10. 228 14" x 8.5"(approximate)-very big bag but I LOVE it!!
    227 12.5" x 8.25"(approx.)(equivalent to the Jumbo flap)
    It really depends on where you hold the tape measure as the flap has a crease on top but that is pretty close...
  11. 227 would be perfect! It's the same size as the jumbo flap and more giving because it is not so stiff.
  12. I ended up getting a 228 reissue too and I love it. Its HUGE!! I love the look! I think BIG.

  13. Thanks Julieanne for the dimensions.. Now i have a better idea :yes:
  14. Joia, I've been lusting for a reissue in grey but I never really tried a reissue on until the day before when I walked into Chanel. I tried both the 225 and 226 on, but it just didn't impress me, not what I had expected. Maybe if I had tried on the grey, it would be different cos I think its the colour that I love.
    For me 226 is a practical size, 227 looks big on me, so I guess it depends on your height, I'm quite short. Go try it out and see which size you prefer!
  15. Thanks for the input Aurora..guess the suede re-issues didn't work for most people..that's why they're still left on the shelves after 2 months! :yes: