To the LADIES: How to throw a "baby shower"?

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  1. Just found out today that one of my girlfriends is 8 months pregno and it's going to be a boy... her 2nd one too! :yahoo: She's the only girl in our group to get married so far and she has been feeling a bit left out by us. Mostly because she's now a SAHM and so she's always busy and will reject our invites to go out. :push: So to cheer her up, I volunteered to throw her a BABY SHOWER!! :party:

    The problem is: I have NEVER been to a baby shower before and I don't know how to throw one. :sweatdrop: Base on what I remember from TV and movies, a bunch of girls get together and shower the "star" with a bunch of baby gifts right? Then I heard from another girlfriend of mine that there's usually "games" to be played at the party? :confused1:

    Since she's already in her 8th month, I need to throw one asap (within 2 wks). I'm thinking of having the shower at a nice restaurant and invite all her close friends. Will it be all girls or can I invite guys too? (is there a rule?) As for party favors, I'll pass out a bunch of miniature baby bottles with chocolate/candies in it. As for the "games"... I have no idea what to plan.

    So... can any of you experienced ladies offer me some advices? :p Thank you! :heart:
  2. One game that was played in the baby shower that was thrown for me: My friend put one scoop of chocolate ice cream in (clean) diapers and we had a ice cream eating contest. :smile:
  3. You could fill a glass piggy bank with pink and blue jelly beans or m&ms and have the guests try to guess how many there are.

    (The correct / closest answer will win the piggy bank.)
  4. We didn't really play any games at my shower. My SILs threw it at my favorite restaurant and invited all of my friends and some family.

    You can throw a co-ed shower and invite men too-that is done nowadays. You shower the preggo with gifts. While she opens the gifts-you can take all the bows and make a hat out of it for her to wear.
  5. And you eat the ice cream right out of the clean diapers? :wtf::roflmfao: That's a good one! I'll try that! :p
  6. Oohh... great idea! I can make good use of some after-Easter candies sale. :graucho:
  7. Ya, that's what I'll do... make it co-ed. :yes:
  8. Yes, it was tons of fun. Best yet, my first diaper association was positive, as there were many more negatives to come. :p
  9. How thoughtful of you whatever you do I'm sure she will be really happy :smile: Heres an easy game & all you need is a roll of streamer. use the streamer to measure MTB's belly & save that piece. As guests come in you can ask them to guess the size of moms belly using streamer. Whoever's piece comes the closest in size wins a prize. Target has some really cute & reasonably priced pre-made write on invites or invitation templates you can print up. You can get a few decorations at party city. Here are 2 websites that have great tips & ideas as well
  10. ^^ Thanks for the links!!i'm throwing a baby shower for my sis and needed ideas too!
  11. Hey, you're stealing my ideas! :wtf: I'm j/k!! :roflmfao: Yayy... I got a Pfer that's throwing a baby shower with me too!! :wlae::wlae::wlae:
  12. Thanks for the links. The streamer game is easy and fun! I love Target's $1 bins! I always go over there to ransack that place for party favors or small gifts. :p
  13. i remember an episode of the girls next door they threw a baby shower and the game was melted candy bars in diapers and you had to guess which candy it was
  14. I'm throwing a baby shower for my friend as well. I still have a good 2 1/2 months to play with. I guess. I will be stealing some of these game ideas. I am in the process of looking for some cute favors. i don't like the traditional cermamics and bottle handouts. What do you guys suggest? I saw some glass coasters, where the babies picture can be placed inside the glass. I figured you could kill two birds with one stone. You have a favor and the pics are sent as thank you notes. What do you think?
  15. Ohhh... I like this idea but I have set a budget for myself since I have to buy the party favors, the games, the gift for the pregno star, and pay for her meal... I can only afford to pass out baby bottles with candies in it. :p

    How much are these glass coasters?