To the Italian Bal. lovers

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  1. I just recevied an information and maybe it's not something new... For me it is!!!
    Balenciaga is going to open a new store in Milan, in Via Santo Spirito :yahoo:
    I know it's going to be a hard temptation :sweatdrop:
  2. wow!!! Milano I'm Coming!!!!!
  3. Babi..Great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks!!
  4. :welcome:Oh, you're welcome modema!
    You know, it will be so hard for me to be on a purse ban... we can also order over the phone...and going often to Milan for business... maybe a walk to have a look...I'm looking forward to visit this temptation ;)
  5. ooooooooh WHEN?!?
  6. I already had the news but I didn't know the location, so thanks for the news. Do you know when it is scheduled?
  7. Sorry, I don't know: they just wrote "soon"...Hope it will be very soon!! :choochoo:
  8. That's great!
    Bal has announced many new boutiques! One in Athens,GR if my info is correct, one in Chicago, one in Asia... Yay!