To the fellow mommies... Mini van or not, "Mom My Ride"

  1. OK, this is one of the funniest things I seen in a long time... I don't drive a mini van but I can SO relate to this! The spinoff to "Pimp My Ride", it's "Mom My Ride"!
  2. The minivan at the end looks quite a lot like my car!
  3. SUV was getting there... lol.
  4. lol, dh always asks, why do have so much in your car???
  5. I have an entire ecosystem in the back of my mini van. My kids have created life.
  6. too cute
  7. "Duct tape is the perfect way to say, 'Sorry fellas, this lady's got a man.'"


    Thanks for posting.
  8. haha that's hillarious. I
  9. OMG! That was perfect!!! Thanks for sharing!
  10. Wow... I can't believe how much dirt and junk can accumulate in 2 weeks. I vacummed my car spotless one day and two weeks later my husband took my twins car seats out of my car and he couldn't believe his eyes. I knew I shouldn't have let them eat McDonald's in my car. Ooops.....