to the Aurelia gurus...please help!

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  1. I've decided to purchase the MC Aurelia MM today (as soon as hubby gets home) through eluxury and have it delivered just in time for Valentine's...:heart:

    But I don't know which color to get :confused1: , white or black? The white looks more for me since I'm in my late 30s. But I love the vivid colors on the black, they really stick out!

    I'm worried about the white showing stains/dirt easier. Also, I know the white is seasonal, but living in So. California will not be a problem.

    Please take it into account that this will be my first MC. I have mostly damiers, a couple of monograms (one of which is a BH - which almost has the exact specs), and a few vernis. All of them are shoulder bags.

    I did call LV and the Aurelia is limited stock -1 per store and don't know which color is available. I guess this bag is not as popular as the rest of the MC?

    Anyway, I hope you guys can help me...before hubby changes his mind!:hysteric:
  2. generally, i prefer the white MC... i like some black mc in the smaller accessories, though, but not for bags.
  3. I seem to like the colors of the White MC items over the black MC items but I think like you too... would the white get dirtier than the black! Maybe think of the stuff you like to wear would it go better with the black or the white! Hope you can decide I know that is going to be a tough decision for me as well when I finally get my own MC bag.:p
  4. white MC, the colors on black MC seems too 'neo' for me. I think white MC will be great!
  5. I like the white. Plus living in S Cali you can were white all year long.
  6. Another vote for white. I agree with Classic Chic, that the colors look too neon for me on the black. (Although, I could probably tolerate an accessory.)
  7. OK, I finally broke down and purchased it through Beverly Center LV. The Mgr more than matched eluxury's shipping offer: I'll actually have the bag on my doorstep by tomorrow!

    Thank you everyone for the responses! :yes:

    Oh BTW, I ended with the white one. :wlae:
  8. Yay! congrats! and btw, white does not get dirtier than any other bag. I've had a white mc alma since July 06 and it looks great. Enjoy your bag!
  9. Thanks! I'm very excited to get the bag...too bad I have to be at work tomorrow.

    OT, I'm such an addict! The reason why I purchased the Aurelia from the Beverly Ctr is because the Azur Speedy that I've been on the waitlist has arrived and they needed the CC to hold it. I had to put the Azur off for a next purchase:sad: .
  10. Congrats! Please do post pics if you can, when it arrives!
  11. congrats! I have this bag and it's great!
  12. always WHITE!
  13. I love my white. I take mine everywhere...I recently saw some dirt and something I must have spilled...I don't know light wipe with a damp cloth and viola...clean...gotta love coated canvas ;)
  14. Congrats! Glad you got the white MC. Cos I was going to vote for that. White MC just looks so much better.
  15. Congrats, can't wait to see it!!