TO {Terrell Owens} tried to commit suicide

  1. Really sad... glad someone was there to stop him...
  2. This is obviously a cry for help. I hope that he gets the treatment that he needs.

  3. ITA:sad:
  4. his flamboyant (and some say bratty) behavior were probably warning signs. i hope he gets the help he needs.
  5. The Eagles fan in me wants to say something snarky, but I hope he gets the help he needs. It's a damn shame how he's f'ed up a very promising career.
  6. Total drama king and now with a very scary turn. I admit I am :rolleyes: when it comes to T.O. but a suicide attempt...geez I pray he gets help :crybaby: . Thank god someone found him in time.
  7. Omg!!!!!! :s
  8. I'm not a huge fan of his but this news is truly awful... I'm glad someone was there to stop him. I hope he gets the help he needs.
  9. Another celebrity I am SO SICK of hearing about! Andy Reid did the right thing when he wouldn't put up with his Prima Donna bullsh*t and let him go...Parcells was an idiot to sign him up for $25 Million. These coaches need to stick together and show these prima donnas that they are no better than anyone else.

    As far as the story, first thing this morning the news here in Dallas was saying he had an allergic reaction to his pain meds, then later in the day they were saying he tried to OD...this is either a cry for help or inflated bullsh*t. I hope he gets help either way but maybe he will FINALLY realize he is NOT the god he believes himself to be.
  10. I hope he finds help soon
  11. Some kind of help is definitely needed
  12. I'm glad he is ok and there was someone there to intervene. I don't know him personally or keep up with his stunts, but I actually went to high school with his brother, who is super sweet.
  13. Here is an interesting and actually quite sad article about how well mental health issues are not taken care of in the NFL:

    NFL's mental problem - NFL - Yahoo! Sports

    It's actually tragic that athletes apparently sacrifice their mental health so that they don't lose any athletic ability. Stabilizing their mental health problems with medication would cause them apparently to lose some of their edge and their speed.

    It's really a terrible situation no matter how you look at it. If they get the mental health help they need they probably lose their jobs. Peggy