To take your Chanel to Paris?

  1. I am traveling from USA to Paris for 4 weeks. I have two Chanel bags, a black lambskin east-west flap, and a beige caviar classic flap jumbo (or maxi? I get them mixed up, it's the second-to-largest size).

    Question: Should I bring my bags to Paris, to have and use because I love them and might regret not taking them (and it IS Paris, after all), or should I leave them home because they are bulky to pack and the beige one might get "dirty" with me sweating walking around Paris all day, and the black one is rather small or might get scratched if stored in a carry-all for day shopping.

    Both bags are precious to me. To take or not to take: What should I do?!

  2. I am leaving mine at home when I go this fall so I have room in my carryon to bring back the ones I will purchase. :smile:
  3. Bring the one that you know will be most useful and/or you would worry about the least. I usually only carry one designer bag when I travel. I don't want to leave anything behind in my hotel room! Besides, you're IN PARIS! You'll probably buy another bag or two while you're there! Bon voyage and enjoy your trip!
  4. sounds like you already half made your decision! lol you gave two reasons not to bring v.s just the one that you'd love to have ur babies with you. lol you might regret not bringing, but you'll also regret even more if it gets ruined :sad: & yep chances are you'll buy atleast one bag back ;) when I travel I like to leave all my good stuff behind INCASE I buy something there
  5. I took my Hermes Kelly along. But used it everyday when I was touring EU, no problem. Just be street smart and always keep an eye of your bag. Just bring one along, you will definitely miss them!!
  6. hmm the last time i was in paris the bag i carried with me was not one of my "regular" bags. i'm always afraid of being mugged or something in a strange country! but i ended up buying a bag there and using it instead lol! i agree with never leaving anything of value in the hotel either unless you can put it in the safe.
  7. There are a lot of pick pockets in Paris lately. and also other sort of crime. I would be very careful with what to wear and bring to Paris. A cross body with zipper would be appropriate..I think a flap is fine too. Just make sure you hold your bag properly when walking on the streets. Often "they" know we are tourist. Enjoy Paris, it's a beautiful city. And visit all the Chanel boutiques there, the SAs are very lovely
  8. I travel with my chanel. I find it to be the most comfortable bag for travel.
    I always use the back pocket to hold my boarding pass, and got so used to it, I got really confused when I traveled with birkin.

    If you don't take your Chanel to Paris, you'll have more reasons to buy a new one ;) Maybe the new burgundy with ghw or red with shw? ;)

    Enjoy your travel!
  9. take them to PARIS!! show paris what you got girl ;)
  10. i take Chanel anywehre & everywhere...take only one if you're worried!
    i usually wear one & have one in carryon...
  11. I'm from Paris and I can tell you that there's a LOT of pickpockets here and they can tell when you're a tourist so I would personally stay away from anything that screams money when you go. I own a Reissue myself and I wear it here but even if I'm not a tourist I know I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing a Classic Flap because pickpockets can tell it's Chanel. Anyway, enjoy your trip and maybe get a new purse, I've heard Chanel prices were better in France and just make sure you NEVER leave anything like bag or phone on the table in restaurants + never open your bag in the street ;)
  12. I agree with Etincelle. You'll be like honey to bees, so if you do decide to bring, always be aware of what's around you. Can't stress this enough!
    I say leave them home, enjoy Paris, and buy a new one to take home;)))
  13. I visited Paris in may. I left my Chanel Mini at home but took my LV Speedy Bandouliere. I was soo worried at first but really wanted to have one of my babies with me ;) they just complete an outfit in my opinion. I took it everywhere and even stopped worrying about my bag getting dirty, I just lived with it. Life's too short to not use our precious bags :smile: if I were you, i would take the E/W flap (if you don't have an LV ;) ). it is not that big so you can put it in a larger bag while flying and you can easily cover up the CC-lock by putting your arm over it.... and by the way - not every person in Paris is a bag-hunting criminal so relax but keep your eyes open :smile:

  14. Thank you everyone!

    With your suggestions, I think I will bring the black E/W flap- she's smaller, and I wont worry about her getting dirty. I do have the Eva LV and a Damier 35 or 40 (?) speedy, so I might take the speedy as my "carry all" instead of the other Chanel... less risky all around.
  15. ..Also, just had an idea. Perhaps I'll also bring my Chanel jewelry and just wear that to get my Chanel fix! (;