To suede or not to suede???

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  1. Hi all.
    Thanks for the help on the weekender!!
    I got the plomb.. Would love to snag the ink too.. but she will probably belong to somebody else by now;)

    Anyhow, i now have the option to buy my first " first bag"

    Question is to go for suede or not???

    Pictures attached...

    Let all the opinions flow in... I would appreciate all the help

    Attached Files:

  2. Hmmm not sure. Suede scares me lol. Is it for a good deal?? I dunno, I prefer the yummy leather myself!
  3. You know you just have to follow your heart, we can't tell you what you like!!!! personally i prefer leather! Good luck
  4. Won't touch suede with a ten foot pole. Especially since I live in toronto. The weather is to unpredictable. Last suede bag I bought just looks gross, limited edition coach hobo. Don't even wear it anymore. I would stick to leather easier to care for.
  5. Me too, I personally prefer leather. I don't like suede rubbing against my clothes, it either ruins the clothes or ruins the bag.
  6. Suede is gorgeous but the surface can wear / matt. I am not sure it ages well, which tends to be what one seeks from Balenciaga.
  7. I prefer leather as it is more durable ie. suede will show wear in a more aparent way IMO, but leather just looks cooler with age,

  8. i like the leather more. though, i think the suede looks very interesting & i kind of like it!
  9. I prefer leather. However, I have to say, I really like this suede first. Being an owner of several suede products I have to say that it does take a lot of work to keep the suede looking fresh and new (special suede cleaner, brush, etc...). If not taken care of, the suede can look old and worn very quickly. Of course, all this doesn't matter as much if you don't plan on wearing your bag all the time.
  10. OMG! Where did you find the Plomb and Ink Weekenders? I gotta say that even though I have never owned any suede bags, I have to agree with the others that it's hard to maintain; hence why I've never bought one so far. But the pictures you posted are just so YUMMY, that I would purchase the bag in your pictures. But I would read up on how much you have to care for it, how often and where you buy products for special suede items (because Balenciaga bags are not ordinary...they're SUPER!) before purchasing it.
  11. I would pass on the suede~
    especially if it's pricey.
  12. NOT to suede! IMO is better the nice, yummy, silky, soft leather TDF!
  13. To everyone, can't resist her. So did go for her.
    Will post more pics when she arrives.

    I am equipped with the following anticipating her arrival _ suede cleaner with brush, suede protector spray, suede rain protection spray. LOL

    This is my first suede bag...

    I still will go for a black leather first .. SO i guess when you can't decide between the two, then just buy both:P:PKWIM??
  14. I have a suede first - and I LOVE it!!! I think it's so Rock N' Roll-ish :yahoo: I wish I could find a black suede at some point!!!!
  15. Thanks MissM
    WIll post pics as soon as she gets here.:yes: