to suede or not to suede?

  1. so i have a question for everyone out there- do you like when your bags have suede lining, or no?

    for me, it's sort of a catch 22. i love suede lining in principle, but i hate it when i actually have it in a bag, especially a big one, because it makes everything so much heavier. but, when i'm mulling the purchase, it makes me think, hm, this bag is worth more because it's lined in suede. i have a gryson bag for example, that i bought in part because i thought everything about it was very thought through, including the suede lining. now that i own it however (the olivia), i hate carrying it because it's so heavy, and the straps are so thin. i wish the bag was lined in cotton instead. oh and microsuede is a big no no. tacky tacky tacky!

    just wondering i guess if anyone else out there has had a similar dilemma . . .
  2. I HAD the dilemma but no more. If a bag has suede lining (and is therefore heavy), it won't come home with me. I used to love MJ but moved away from his bags because of the suede!! The determining factor of any bag for me is the weight of the bag when empty.
  3. Suede lining does add a lot of weight to a bag, and it cant be cleaned if it gets dirty. Plus, it adds enormous cost to the bag. Personally, I'd rather that my dollars went to the "outside" of the bag!
  4. I love the look and feel of suede linings. It's so luxurious, but it does get dirty over time. That's what bothers me the most.
  5. I don't like feeling like I have to be super careful with the inside of my bag. I'm not rough on them or anything, but it just seems that suede cannot be cleaned and is so prone to marks and even bald spots from continuous rubbing or wear.

    I prefer my bags lined in some sort of bright and beautiful fabric (especially silky materials).
  6. I love the suede linings in my MJ's.. makes them feel so much better!
  7. I love a suede lining, so luxurious...
  8. Me too. After having owned a 4-plus lb Chloe paddington (with that chucky metal lock) and forever-heavy Chloe Betty (glad that I rid of it), I decided the weight to be the number one factor in my bag choice.

    I have a MJ Daria which has suede lining. Fortunately, the bag is small enough that it is not heavy at all. However, I do notice that it is relatively heavy for its size. I think the weight is mostly due to the leather handles and the hardware, rather than the suede lining.

    If the suede lining adds significant weight to a big handbag, then I definitely will not consider it.
  9. I love suede lined bags as well, they seem sinfully luxurious. I do notice however, that I've been grabbing my lighter bags over the MJs lately because of the heavy weight. The other day I put on my blake and it felt like a ton!!

    Suede does get dirty, but it's not as noticeable in darker colors and you can use a suede brush to clean it out. I think suede stays cleaner than canvas longer.
  10. hehe, good point thithi.

    The light suede on my LE stella does get dirty (even from the top zip that is just always folded down! (any idea how to remove that weird zipper stain from the metal teeth) ah well.. it's not a biggie, no one can see it cause I never zip my stellas.

    I love the Burgandy suede lining of my washed rose though... My bf is always petting the inside of my bags. :graucho:
  11. I have my first suede lining in my Gryson Zoe hobo. I ordered it online at NM and was fearful that it would be heavy. It is not heavy, much to my surprise.
    I don't go looking for a suede lining, or judging a purse if it does or doesn't have. I'm enjoying the suede lining, I must say. I just don't like CHEAP linings. And, if the bag is heavy BECAUSE of the suede, then I won't do it.
  12. glad to see i'm not the only one out there who feels strongly about this. i will say though, that suede linings on small bags is fine-- especially clutches, evening bags, etc, since those bags are so much lighter anyways.

    but . . . more and more with big bags i'm moving towards a nice cotton or twill lining. obviously this isn't the reason why i would buy a bag, but i don't think it hurts. i've noticed chloe has started lining their bags in cotton too. i'm just not as much a sucker for suede as i used to be. oh and bengaline is another big no no. it's like the starter lining for young handbag companies.

    and i totally agree-- you know which bag i've picked up this summer more than anything else, because it's light? my $30 marc by marc white pvc patent tote (though i do wish the shoulder straps were longer!).
  13. Gosh, when I first read this thread's title, I thought it would be about suede bags (i.e. suede on the outside). It had never occurred to me that suede lining added to a bag's weight - I took it for granted that the lining would be suede - what a ditzy I am. A quick review of my bags reveal they all have a suede lining bar two, so I guess I don't mind it!
  14. I'm not as concerned about the weight of suede as how hard it will be keep it clean!
  15. What a great thread! :yes:

    Thanks for all the great insights!