To stud or not to stud?

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  1. So this Burberry bag has caught my eye:

    I like the fact that is doesn't scream Burberry since I already have a Burberry house check bag. However, I don't know if the studs say, "classic with some edge" or "trendy and soon to be on its way out" for a $1,000 bag. Opinions?

    Oddly, it is only available on I can't find it online at Nordies, Bloomies, or any other retailer. Does this mean anything for those more familiar with Burberry's retail practices?
  2. Burberry has the best online shopping website of all the big brands. they have a live chat service so if you have questions about a product just click on the box. I only buy Burberry from the website now because it has everything they offer. Boutiques and retailers don't carry all the stock.

    I love the studs not too overdone. I prefer 'non-check' bags from Burberry as I think check looks very dated, and I am so glad Burberry are moving away from that and into some really exciting contrasts.

    Good luck with your decision.
  3. Its a very nice purse & the studs are subtle enough. I think it depends on wether you love the look and wouldn't get over it in a year. Just my opinion :smile:
  4. The studs are nice, edgy with a twist. The fact that the bag is black and the check is silver is a definite plus. You can use this bag for many years to come inside of just a trend and it looks nice because only half the bag is studded. Good luck on your decision!
  5. I love the quote you it's classic with some edge...classic style and the studs add something different. I see that it's now sold out, I hope you were able to get it