To Stinker With Love!!!!!

  1. Ladies, for those of us who know and love Stinkerbelle here are some new Spring Bags that are going to make Stinker be a BAAAAAD Girl

    Stinker you better sit down for this preview :roflmfao:
    Ramona_Chili_Suede[1] (2).JPG Ramona_Chili_detail[1] (2).JPG Riki_Tan_Suede[1] (2).JPG Ramona_XL_Tan_Suede[1] (2).JPG Ramona_XL_Tan_detail[1] (2).JPG
  2. These are going to be the :death: of Stinkerbelle
    Riki_Mink_Drummed_Leather[1] (2).JPG Riki_mink_detail[1] (2).JPG Roxie_Black_upper_detail[1] (2).JPG Roxie_Black_bottom_detail[1] (2).JPG Roxie_Black_Drummed_Leather[1] (2).JPG
  3. And Finally...........

    This is the one I think you're gonna want Stinker :bagslap:

    The "Mink " Ring in Drummed Leather.....
    Ring_Mink_Drummed_Leather[1] (2).JPG
  4. ^^ARE YOU CRAZY???? :nuts: Don't you read the other threads?? Do you not CARE that I'm suffering from the Vapors (bad Chinese actually, but I'm feeling a bit Southern today)? :death:

    Anyway! You don't go posting stuff like this when one is on one's deathbed getting their affairs in order....which is what I originally thought this post was about....I thought you were saying goodbye in a very public and heartfelt way, for which I was truly grateful! :flowers: Go ahead, count the actual periods in that last sentence, I dare ya....there was ONE! :biggrin:

    And we have an absolute WINNER!!!!! THIS shall be mine! Where do I sign up? How much is it? When does it come out? Do you think it will go on sale? I would pay full price for this bag....I am in LOVE! And believe it or not, I've swung back the other way and am now wanting a Riki! :love::love:

    I know what I said about suede in the Summer....I'll just wait until Sept. 1st to start carrying it! :tender:
  5. Oh, but this would make a swell "Soooo happy you didn't die from the bad Chinese" gift. You know, should I actually recover. Just sayin'.... ;)

    Also TRULY beautiful! Wow....this is going to be a tough choice....

  6. ^^ ok, stinker, we'll promise to keep this one in mind should, you recover that is!:p
    i actually think it speaks..." sorry you were silly enough to eat too much chinese and not ask for NO MSG and then got sick and played all southern belle on our is a kick a$$ bright red suede riki for your troubles, pal" ...yeah, that might work...:girlsigh:

    note to self: try this out...:graucho:
  7. I can't stop looking at these bags! The tan suede Riki is now my computer background thankyouverymuch, and I'm wondering which one Mick will go for!

    And Abi! The XL Ramona is BEAUTIFUL in suede!! I LOVE the contrasting color of the belt!

    And I am going to get even with Miss Robyn for posting these photos if it's the last thing I do! :bagslap:

    OK, I'm done. I'll save room for someone else to comment now! :shame:
  8. Well good then. I'm glad to see all those acting lessons I took in high school were not wasted! :lol: And trust me, I will NEVER again order Chinese without first asking about MSG! And why don't they just call it what it really is? Cyanide? Rat poison? Crushed glass?? :p

    And Mick? I'm starting to feel a bit better you might want to give Casey a call first thing in the morning! :tup:

    When I saw these beautiful Rikis I thought of you like any of them? Or are you not so much a suede kind of gal? The Mink is also a lovely color! Again, more for Fall, but I do like the color! Just still not real sure about that drummed leather. :s
  9. robyn, do you mind if i post this one (casey sent the pics to me too) the color (off white) and the drummed leather, but want it in a riki over a pretty...:love:
    sorry it is sideways, not know how to turn it...:shrugs:
    Ring Off-White Drummed Leather.JPG
  10. I vote for the Chili Red Riki. I've got some shoes that match it. Stinkerbelle, you and I wear the same shoe size. When you get the Chili flavored Riki, come over and you can borrow the shoes!

  11. aw,thank you, and please know i am only teasing and so glad you are feeling better....but i'm NOT buying you a suede riki! ha!:roflmfao: here are some flowers for you my friend for your chinese food troubles...:flowers:
    now, you have me pegged:tup:....want/need a riki.:p love the suede and the mink is beautiful, but all for fall, no?:shrugs: i can't do it for spring/summer...i need easy breezy light and airy....:wlae:
    look at the off white ring in drummed leather i linked from casey above...LOVE the ring and would get another in the future, def!, but want a riki in this combo....ah......perfect!:love::drool:
  12. Hey, no worries....I am the Queen of teasing, just ask Lucy and Ethel! :p

    I know exactly what you mean about these bags....SO perfect for Fall, what a huge surprise that they're coming out in the Spring! :shrugs:

    I love the cream Ring, but I do think I am done with those since I now have 3 of them. And I would be a wreck carrying a bag that light....which is too bad because the color is just beautiful! I'm with you though....definitely a perfect color for a Riki! I wonder if one will come out? With these new Rikis showing up, maybe there's hope for either the cream or the turquoise to come out in a Riki?? :yes:
  13. Mick - I've been getting ready to post them in the ref is the off white for you!

  14. ^^Wow, that is gorgeous!! Are you SURE you can't do a Ring over a Riki Mick???
  15. Hey Stinker

    So sorry to her you are feeling poorly from Chinese food:yucky: I could actually eat Asian (especially Thai & Jananese... Sushi :yes:) food 24/7 - 365 days a year :p


    The bags are all at the Chicago store, so you had better hurry! The Turquoise Mahala sold out the first day, so go grab it NOW:yahoo: