To stam or not to stam....HELP!

  1. Ok I really need some help on this one. I bought my stam(mouse) in January and it's still in the dust cover unused. Lately I have seen plenty of other bags that I want and the money from this bag could go towards another bag I will actually use.
    When I look at the stam I say "oh that is hot I can't take that back" but then its back in the closet again unused. I don't want to part with it but haven't found any use for it either. Will I regret returning it, But if I loved it wouldn't I have carried it already:confused1:
    :crybaby:Oh what to what to do, please help!!!!
  2. Well, being an owner of two stams I have to say I LOVE THEM! I have one question- did you get it on sale?? If you paid full price and are not using it I say return it and get something you will use- If you got a great deal on it- TAKE HER OUT OF THE DUSTBAG AND ENJOY HER!! :biggrin: that's just my opinon of course
  3. I have two as well my other is the stam hobo, which I get more use out of. Yes I did get it on sale thats another reason it's so hard for me to return.
  4. I think you should take your Stam out for a quick spin :yes: . If within a week you still feel unsure, I think it's time to return it and get a bag that you don't second guess it.
  5. if it was a good sale i would never be able to return it! How much did you pay? what season is it? why haven't you actually used it yet? the bottom line is if you really will NEVER use it then it's worth nothing to you- so you're better off getting the money back- but what a shame!!
  6. Since it hasn't been out of its sleeper for 4 months, I think you're not in love with it. Return it or eBay it and get something new!
  7. Its an 06 mouse with the canvas linning inside, I got it during the after christmas sales for $700( which I know is an unbelievable deal). But isn't it a waste of money if I never use her? Don't get me wrong I really like the bag( I think) but if I like it so much why haven't I carried her? Usually when I get a bag I dump my stuff in right away I didn't do that this time.
    In all honesty I don't really think she'll make it out of here I've been trying for two days to take her back but when I look at her I think ok this bag is to gorgeous no way and put her back in the closet:wacko:
  8. I agree with Chloe that you should test drive your bag. I'll bet that you will get lots of compliments and will want to carry it all the time. Not only is it gorgeous, but you'll have that extra boost of confidence knowing that yours is the real deal amid a world of fakes.
  9. I guess there's something about it you like! (I dont blame you!!!) Awesome deal- GORGEOUS bag- what could be bad? Enjoy it!
  10. what's been holding you back from using your stam? you sound enamored with it. is it because of the weight? do you feel it doesn't coordinate well with your style? the hype surrounding the stam has calmed considerably, but it's a still a popular and beautiful bag. mouse is also a really versatile color. i think you'll love it once you've used it, and if not, you can at least sell it on eBay and use the money for something else you'll definitely love. i hope everything works outs!
  11. what a good deal!! if you're going to sale it, let me know:graucho:
    but I would keep it. what is the hobo stam color you have though?
  12. My stam hobo is black. It's not as heavy as my stam and it is more practical for me because I'm toting around two children( a toddler and a new born) and i can easily take things out and throw things in. I intially thought I would use the stam when I go out without the kids but that doesn't seem to be happenning anytime soon:upsidedown: :lol:
  13. I understand ali. It's all about lifestyle but I'm sure you WILL have a chance to go out without your kids :p. I would be very hard to let it go cause of the good deal and it's such a beautiful color.

    Sorry, I think all of us are enabler here :p. If you sell or return your Stam, try to get Blake or large MP. It's very practical but still stylish at the same time.
  14. I just recently purchased a large MP(white w/ gold hardware) but I haven't used it yet either.
    I'm waiting for the summer I can't wait to carry it.
    YES, you are all enablers...and I love it:love: because I'm one too:drinks:
  15. Honestly, if you don't use her and don't see yourself using her, then sell her. You could use those funds for another bag. I have one myself which I only use occasionally, but since I got a fabulous deal on her I don't see myself letting go. I just love her too much.

    Give her a spin and then decide...