To Spy or Not to Spy?..

  1. Hello Spy experts. I'm a complete Chanel gal but I've been looking through the Fendi forum and am really tempted to get the spy next.

    I don't know much about the spy except that it's absolutly gorgeous, from what I've been seeing thus far.

    I'd like the fendi ladies help in "educating" me on the spy.

    First.. what are the sizes? Do they come small, medium, and large?
    Second.. what are the differences in colors and textures? I've been seeing different styles in handles also.
    Third.. what are the different prices between the sizes?

    Much thanks in advance..:yes:
  2. Hmmmm.. Theres not really a size for the Spy Bag, but three different types. Theres a Baby spy, which is like 13 inches long? and its more of a hand held bag. Then theres a hobo which is a shoulder bag. Both of those dont have the special pockets which sucks but ehh? Then theres the Spy BAG, which is the one you see most people with its about 16 inches, and has all those special pockets.

    Theres alot of colors that the Spy Bag comes in, and a couple of the same colors are available in the hobo, or baby spies. The cheapest Spy bag is the pinstripe denim, which is like 1500+, then the leather and zucca ones which are 2075. Then the more expensive ones like the hologram and the gold/silver which are 2500ish? Then so on and so on. It just depends on which one you get. Then theres like Wisteria ones that have flowers that go for 2800? Then more expensive ones like the denim embrodery (sp?) which is like 3000? Then so on and sooooooooo on, theres tons more out there!

    haha I edited this part in, because I have tons of time to get more technical.

    Lets seee.. hmm Most of the spy bags have a braided handle with lil thorns that stick out on the ends. The braided ones are on the all leather, hologram, gold/silver (which has nice metallic gold handles), denim, and wisteria. The zucca has Tortuga (turtle) print handles, and the alligator spys have alligator handles and the mink spys have metal, or python handles.

    The linings for the spys differ, all leather, denim, wisteria, hologram, and a couple others have zucca inside, the zucca and the gold/silver has like a cloth material, but on the gold/silver it has a nice metallic zucca print thats gold and silver, but only on the coin purse part.

    The all leathers come in Black, Cognac, Chocolate Brown, Petrol Blue, Emerald Green, White, Honey, Tan, and a couple other colors which are rare.

    The zuccas are all the same, along with the denims and what not.

    The holograms are really nice. When you look at them straight, it has a bronzey orangey look, but to the side it has a turqoise color. Its because the way the leather is cut, it has lil slits that alow the turq to show.

    hmm whoa thats alot of typing.. sorry if I got complecated ;[

    haha if you want to know more about a specific one just ask =]

    wait did I get too complicated?

    haha I can talk about the Spy bags for days, I love them!

    I have to be the most educated person on spy bags, who doesnt even own one ;[
  3. here's a picture of the baby spy next to the regular size spy.
    spys.jpg petrol.jpg
  4. You also asked about handles.

    The Zucca Spy (with the Fendi logo in the middle and brown leather othe sides) has different hanldes. Instead of braided leather the handles are tortoise or something like that.

    The Zucca spy also cost a little less that the leather spys. It goes for either 1760 or 1780. i cant remember. It is a part of the regular collection, not seasonal.
    The leather spys are $2075. Some are much much more as stated on the post before me ^^^
  5. OMgoodness! So much information to digest. Thank you. Thank you!

    Now, I'm more interested in the all leather spys (I don't need anything fancy.. not yet atleast)

    I'm only 5'1, weigh in at 95 lbs. (tiny, I know).. do you ladies think that the regular spy might overwhelm my size? I've seen pics of Nicole Richie (probably a little thinner than me) but her pics of the spys are TO DIE FOR! However, I don't want a bag that looks like it could eat me either. But are the satchels too small? Hmm..

    theITbag: I LOVEEEEE the green color of your satchel!

    btw, what's the price differences amongst the hobos and satchels?
  6. hmmmmm im not too sure about the prices, but I know the spy bag would look gorgeous on you! I love the spy on any girl! or guy ;] hahaha. I love the spy PERIOD!

    I think you`d look good with a black, chocolate brown, pertol or emerald one.
  7. I'm quite sure the spy would be perfect for you. I am 5"2 and weigh 108 pounds - not much bigger than you are, and I've only heard the the bag looks great on me.

    I think the satchels are a little small, but more than that, IMO it lacks the character of a spy completely. It's just another bag, but the spy is cool and hip and has all these interesting compartments. Sorry for the biase. I'm really a spy girl.
  8. If you live near a department store (Neiman Marcus, Saks, etc.) who has Spy bags in stock, you should just try one on and see how it works for your build and for your needs. Seeing it in real life is different from seeing it in photos. Also, in a lot of stock photos, they stuff the bags pretty full so it looks bigger than they could be under normal use.
  9. I agree. It's going to be a little longer but flatter in real life. You should pick one up and try it on to see if you like it.
  10. I like when spys look perky and fatt, not anorexic and dieing.