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  1. When I got my Speedy last week, I asked the SA if I needed to spray the handles in order to protect them and she simply answered no, nothing should be applied to the leather.


    The more I read through the threads on tpf, the more I get the idea that most tpfers use products and conditioners to protect the vachetta...

    Should I do the same and spray the handles regardless of what the SA said?
    If yes, what spray do you recommend?

  2. I Spray the life out of my vachettae. HA! i use Apple Guard from leathercare. I find this product quite useful. Its cheap too.. Ard 7bucks for a can.
  3. It's really a personal preference. I feel that I must spray since I have sweaty palms, can be a bit klutzy & want to wear my LV's in both dry/wet weather. I used to apply clear KIWI shoe/leather polish. Lately I began using a leather spray called "Cadillac" that I picked up at a shoe store. Both work well at making the bags water spot & dirt resistant.
  4. Spraying any products on a brand new patina will usually immediatly darken it. If you don't mind a quick patina than I think it's a good idea. It will help protect your handle and keep the colors even with no blotchy spots.
    I usually would wait until the handle develops its own patina (I try to make sure its even) and then spray it. But its definitely a personal preferance.

    I also use the Apple Guard spray.
  5. Heck yes, spray it!! Where I live it's a necessity. Otherwise I would never take my mono speedy anywhere.

    I use Apple Garde.
  6. which material can you spray it on besides the mono?
  7. You spray it on the vachetta to protect it, not the canvas.
  8. Is the Patina resulting from 'early' spraying even?
    And can you describe the color of this 'premature' patina? Light honey, just one shade darker ... etc?
    I'm just trying to weigh the pros or cons of spraying...

  9. I dun notice darkening on the vachetta though.. I recently did my MOCA Neverfull, no change.
  10. I love shining monkey!
  11. A 2nd on Shining Monkey!
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