To spend 500+ just to redo leather on my Lv bucket?

  1. I've had my petite Lv bucket for about 5 years now...Its kinda worn out looking plus the bottom and top lining has scuff marks that are driving me inSane.:wtf: So, I went ahead and took it to the Louis vuitton store and was told it would cost 500 plus. To buy the purse brand new is about 900 right now( the price keeps increasing, so annoying). Is it worth it?:tdown:or:tup:
  2. IMO, thats not worth it. Too pricey :tdown:

    hey you might want to try different LV boutiques because they usually have a discrepancy in what they quote. Some quotes for repairs differ significantly at diff boutiques.. from $100-200
    worth a shot :tup:
  3. Well, if you have good memories attatched to it and it means something to you, I'd just get the leather redone instead of getting a new purse :yes:
  4. I would do it bec. I feel attached to my personal bag, for many reasons, canvas shading and texture. I would never buy a brand new again for retail if it is cheaper to just get the leather re-done. Your other option would be to sell your current one and get a used one on eBay or some other resale place, but if you want one w/ light vachetta you may be spending close to $500 anyway. I don't really like buying used bags though unless they are so much cheaper than retail, like my mono papillon, which I bought on eBay in the high 400's bec. it was about half the retail of a new one. A petit bucket is similar to the papillon in that way bec. it never even comes close to its retail, the highest I ever see them go for on eBay is $500's in like new condition, so in that case seems like you're breaking even, that's why I would just re-do it. Maybe browse completed items to see the ending prices for petit bucket in like new condition.
  5. My Mother got the leather redone on her ellipse MM. I think it is so worth it, it came out PERFECT. They replaced the handles and tabs, and possibly the piping (can't quite remember!) All for $240ish (give or take a little).
  6. Not worth-it. IMO, sell the one you already have and get a new bag.
  7. Would that include replacing the lining as well? If yes, then I would do it. The bag will look brand new for half of the price!
  8. I say you sell the bag, and with the money plus some additionals, get a new one!:yes:
  9. I can't wait until I have to get the vachetta replaced on my bags.... I've been thinking of buying an old speedy just for that reason, to have the handles and leather replaced. I think it is so neat to see the bags go through this transformation.
  10. I would get a new one.
  11. i would not do it cos there more styles out now and its expensive.. sell it and used the money ot get new LV..:graucho: .
  12. If it includes the lining, all piping, straps and bottom, I would do it. It will look like a brand new bag and it is half the price. Especially if it's a style you use and love.
  13. Hmmm... I'm going to have to do this one day. My poor bucket is my kick-around bag. I take it out in the rain, etc.

    $500 sounds high (I bought mine for $575 way back when!). I agree that you should check with other LVs. If you could do it for about $300 or less, I think that'd be a great deal.
  14. How is the monogram condition? Will it look brand new or atleast 98% new (like others have their bags done)? include linning and everything ? If so, it worth saving almost another 500. If not, sell the old one, get a new one.
  15. Like others have said, if it includes the lining, trim, etc then yes do it.