To Speedy25 girls with ipads

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  1. If you already have an ipad, Would you buy the ipad mini? Or buy a bigger speedy?
  2. Depends if its the "original" ipad id consider the upgrade but if its the Ipad 2 or New Ipad i wouldnt a. Get a speedy :smile:
  3. Bigger speedy... It will be good to have the different sizes... You can't really use two iPads but you can use two speedies!!!
  4. Emmmm very good point!
  5. Love it! Very good point!
  6. well i have the new ipad (just got it) so I wouldnt buy the mini because why have 2 ipads and an iphone....and I have a speedy 40. LOL But if I had a 25 and the ipad, then Id definitely up my bag size or get a different bag...why waste money on 2 ipads when you can use it as an excuse to justify a new bag !!!
  7. definitely a bigger speedy!
  8. I've got speedy 25 and I have ipad2 but I deffinately want the mini iPad ... It would be great to have one that can fit in my 25's - it may make more sense just to buy a larger bag, but I only like small ones lol.
    My iPad is only wifi and a 4g one will be a lot handier!
  9. On a bit of a tangent - I can't BELIEVE they are bringing out a 'new generation' iPad already! Current 'new generation' iPad owners would be fuming!

    ps. NEW BAG :biggrin:
  10. Definately a new speedy!:smile:
  11. I already have an iPad...and my answer is nope.
    I'd rather spend the money on another bag or some SLGs.
    It seems they "upgrade" gadgets faster than the time it takes for me to "get tired" (if I can even call it that, teehee) of a bag which I consider to be a favorite.
  12. A bigger bag for sure!
    I have an iPad 2 and I am using Samsung galaxy note, so my phone is like a substitution of iPad mini. If I know I would need my iPad when i need to go out, I will just switch to a bigger LV bag. So a big bag is much worthy!
  13. bigger speedy.
  14. I gave my iPad to my mom who is a homemaker cause it is as big as my zenbook and I found the latter already big and heavy everytime I lug it to catch my flight. Definitely wait for iPad mini.
  15. I have speedys in 30 and 35 (had 25 but returned it) and ipad 3. I am getting a mini. It's what I always wanted. I love everything about the ipad except for the size. Although the ipad fits in my bags, it makes it heavier and takes up space. I tend to leave it at home because of this.

    My rationale for the smaller is I can use it more, take it everywhere, it won't add to much weight and I can sell the 3 to get the mini and have $ left over.....

    Go for the mini