To speedy owners....

  1. Is it just me, or do you also like the look of your open (unzipped) speedy? I think the look of the speedy is so different when zipped and unzipped. Is it weird that I carry my speedy with the zip open, or do you do it too? :p
    (BTW I have the mono speedy 25.)
  2. I have a bad habit of not zipping my bags - I let the zippers stay open - even on my speedies.
  3. I carry it both ways. Depends on where I am etc.
  4. I close it when commuting in NYC, keep it open when out and about. Same with my neverfull - I cinch the sides during my commute, but keep it open othewise.
  5. My speedy is left unzipped most of the time. I only zip it when I in an unfamiliar place.
  6. I never zip mine
  7. I too am in the bad habit of leaving my unzipped. I only zip it up when I think about it. However, with my new pochette cles I can leave it zipped up and carry a few essentials in the cles :yes:
  8. I dont' like to zip mine either... I like it open. But like tracy814 when i am commuting in the city, I zip it up.
  9. I leave mine unzipped too but mostly because I get lazy having to zip it then unzip it again every few minutes. Haha I only zip it up if my parents are walking next to me and they end up reminding me to do so!
  10. I love the way mine slouches a little bit when it's unzipped!
  11. the only time I zip mine is if i'm out in a mall. Otherwise Its never zipped.
  12. It is actually a pain to zip it - don't you think...I zip it for safety reasons only...
  13. I always carry mine with the zipper open! I just think it looks better for some reason, lol..
  14. Yes, I let it unzipped :p It's easier to get my stuffs inside.
  15. I like the look of unzipped, esp. because of the red lining on the Damier one! But I try to keep it zipped because I live in the city.