To SPEED or not to SPEED

  1. that is the question.
    Looking for all opinions on whether I should make my next LV purchase a speedy and which one in what size. So here are the choices to pick from

    1.) Monogram speedy in size 25
    2.) Monogram speedy in size 30
    3.) Damier Azur speedy in size 25
    4.) Damier Azur speedy in size 30
    5.) Damier Ebony speedy in size 25
    6.) Damier Ebony speedy in size 30

    I really would appreciate everybodys opinions on what they would choose and why, so please speak up :love:

  2. you can never go wrong with a mono 30 for your first speedy.
  3. ^i agree. whatever you choose, i'd pick a 30 over the 25..the handles on the 25 are short, and the the bag in general is just too small for me (i'm 5'6")
  4. #1.
  5. Mono 30 has my vote
  6. Mono speedy's the perfect bag!! It's a classic and so chic!
  7. I'd go for the MONO SPEEDY 30 .... :tup:
  8. I have the Damier Ebony Speedy in the 25, but I would like a mono 30 next!
  9. I have #5 and I love it... it's the perfect size for me and I'm 5'8"
  10. So true! I still love mine, more than 2 1/2 years later!
  11. Mono speedy 30 or Azur speedy 30 !!
  12. Damier speedy 25! It's perfect;)
  13. Whichever bag you choose.. i'd definitely go for the 30. ^^

    I have the damier ebony.. so.. xD!
  14. I am 5'5" and the 25 is right on me. You should try them on. I like both sizes but 30 is definitely oversized for me.
  15. i'd go with the mono as the first one but you'll be happy with any of the three they're all great choices. size wise it is really up to you, i'm 5ft2 and i find the 30 to big on me but others don't so it is all personal preference in the end