to spa, or not to spa: that is the question

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  1. I'm in Italy and we have H artisans in store, in Rome and I think also in Milan, so everything goes to them. When my VN accident happened we didn't have any artisans locally so everything was sent to Paris.
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  2. xxk
  3. I've always thought that spa meant automatically sending to Paris. Thanks for this info. :heart:
  4. No unless major defects or major works
    They try to settle within own country
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  5. Docride really gives very good advice on how to maintain H bags. And probably it would not be necessary to go to the H spa if all you need is to clean and to condition the bag. I have had my experience at the H spa. After 2 years of non-stop use of my B I went to my local H (in Europe), but they refused me the spa. The corners showed some use. I was more bothered about the handles, because they got darker from use, and the piping came off the handles. So I went to another H store at 2 hours of driving away from my home. They accepted the bag, and made a list of all the things the spa should look at. After 4 months at the spa, the bag came clean, fresh and the corners looked amazing again. But they did not restore the piping. The SA from that boutique took the bag back, and sent it back to the H spa. I paid 450 euros for all of it. And then another 4 months later the bag came back with the piping on the handles. Honestly, they make you wait sooooo long for cleaning, conditioning and piping a bag. 8 months was ridiculous, especially when you need to plan your visit to the boutique. And you pay a ridiculous amount, which is almost the price of a new pair of Louboutin shoes. I would not go again only to clean and to condition the bag. The service is not friendly, and you have to insist or to find another store. I would only go back when I really will need to restore the piping.
  6. Years ago when I was about to send my first bag to Hermes for spa, there was a thread about a tpfer who sent several bags for spa. Somewhere along the way, one (or more?) of the bags went missing. I can’t recall if it happened in transit or at Hermes. Of course it made me pause before putting my precious bag in the mail, but the repair had to be done. Everything turned out fine, as have every other spa trip since then. The fact is, these things happen. Rare, yes, but accidents still happen. You just have to take every precaution, document everything, and have a plan for when things don’t go right (credit card dispute, insurance coverage, legal action, etc).

    As for sending my bag to a non-Hermes shop, I’m sure there are leather workers who are just as skilled as Hermes craftsmen in general, but I can’t imagine that they are MORE trustworthy than the people who handle these particular leathers and bags everyday and know exactly how they were assembled before they even start the repair. When I needed the handle and straps replaced on my Barenia Birkin, there was no one I would trust more than Hermes to take apart half the bag AND put it back together correctly in order to reattach everything. It was worth the cost and the 9 month wait because I’ll likely not have to repeat the repair during the remaining life of this bag. In my opinion, there are far more opportunities for things to go very wrong without recourse if I send my bag elsewhere. The bottom line is that no one other than Hermes will make a new Birkin for me if they ruin my bag during repairs.

    Regarding routine cleaning and conditioning, I’ve found the results and timeframe to vary depending on the location. I’ve had my Barenia bag come back from one store with zero change and come back looking like a brand new bag from another store. I never send my bags in just for cleaning or scuffed corners since they almost never need it, and I’m too impatient to wait months for such a minor service.
  7. I have sent two bags to spa, one earlier this year. Both were pre-owned, and they did not need major repair. Both came back in a reasonable amount of time and looked great. The latest one came back in about 4 weeks - I was shocked at the quick turn-around.
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  8. I think it depends on the work that needs doing and which boutique you take it to. In London NBS has an artisan so minor repairs are done there, other boutiques may automatically send to Paris. I took my very vintage (approx 50 years old) Kelly to NBS and because the artisan wasn’t available that day to look at it they wouldn’t take it but they did tell me big repairs would need to be sent to Paris. Selfridges took it but sent it straight to Paris (where I think it would have gone anyway as it needed a new handle), I took my 7 year old B35 to NBS and it was repaired on site and took around three months rather than the six Paris took.
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  9. Not at all, I have actually only sent a bag to Paris once in 10+ spa/repair visits (a horse blanket had to go though?!).
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  10. Iam taking anything vintage I have to the SPA now, just to make sure it's kosher.
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  11. I'm glad they made you a new bag but I'd still be upset because the bags I buy vintage I So sorry this happened duna

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  12. I'm very sorry to hear some of the horror stories here. Even having a bag come back the condition it went in is appalling considering their spa prices.

    I clean and polish most my Box bags once in a while as I bought them but not my 67 yo which was my grandmother's. That went to spa and the artisan said it was a pleasure to work on and charged me a nominal fee. I wouldn't work on my croc either. I had a 20 yo P. Pork strap break (just the hardware) and they just took the strap and replaced both ends for £150, expensive and took a while but considering the price of their new 'extra' straps, peanuts in comparison. The only thing that has had to be sent to Paris was a Petit H leather/silk RTW piece ad it came back better than it ever had been.

    I consider one of the draws (for me) to buy H bags (and other things) the fact that they offer the spa treatment and repairs. While other shops see a old bag and advise you to buy a new one, at least H take a pride serviceable items and understand these things are part of our lives, even past or future heirlooms.
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  13. That's how I feel...:yes:
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  14. They will not accept it if no work needs to be done.
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  15. Will keep you posted. They can always do with some TLC and corner touch up for that invisible wear.:biggrin: