To Shower or Not to Shower?

  1. So ladies this might be a bit TMI but I have to ask. I've been sick with the cold for over two weeks and and had taken showers regularly during the first half of it. I came home for the holidays and as soon as my dad found out I was sick he refused to let me take a shower, he said that it would just impede my recovery because I would be exposing myself to the air or something.

    Well, after not taking a shower for a week and having only wipes, I got sick of it and while my dad was at work today, finally took a shower!!:yahoo::yahoo: can I tell you? It was orgasmic!!! Feeling the shampoo run through my hair, the warm water rinse off the body wash, I'm never going without a shower ever again!

    Now the real question, is it ok to shower while you're sick with say the cold or the flu? My parents are really against it because they think that the air outside of the shower will be too cold or something and I'll relapse into sickness (I have asthma so my parents are worry worts sometimes) Plus I feel well now except for a sore throat that I'm having checked on monday, no more headaches, mucus, I only had one real day where I had to lay in bed and that was on friday, but I fell really almost cured *knock on wood* So did I do any damage to my recovery or is it just a myth?
  2. When I've been sick, my mom tells me to take a shower because the steam is beneficial to me.
  3. I think it's best to stay in bed under lots of covers and "sweat it out" for the first two days, but then you need to shower on the third day or at the end of the second day.

    Also, Caitlin is so right about the steam, but you can get the benefits of the steam by just boiling water in a stock pot and added sea salt to it, then breathing in the steam (keep a towel over your head to trap the steam in). I think the salt is really important in the steam ritual, so don't leave it out.
  4. Well, I had the flu back during this time of the year in 1996. I'll never forget because I was bedridden when 1997 came in and I watched every single episode of the Twililight Zone marathon (the ones that came on while I was conscious, at least). I remember that like it was yesterday; I had never had the flu before (and I've never had it since) so with nothing to compare it to I thought I was dying. Oddly enough, I don't remember if I took baths (as I was taking baths, not showers back then) while I was ill. Maybe I did, maybe I didn't, but I DO remember that keeping myself comfortable and trying to get well took priority over personal cleanliness.
  5. That's pretty much what I did on friday. I stayed in bew and sweat it out, and decided to take a shower today :yahoo:

    Oh I think I'll do that, thanks :biggrin:
  6. I think as long as you feel up to it a warm/hot shower does wonders when you are sick with a cold...just the feeling of being fresher and the steam is so helpful too. I'm not sure though if it is wise when you are really ill with a high temperature. At that time you probably just feel like staying in bed.
  7. I think that's a common myth ( not showering when you're sick). I've showered when I was sick and I was fine. I think that the steam will definitely loosen up phelm. I hope you feel better.
  8. I'm not so sure it's a myth. Showering takes energy that your body needs in order to get better and whenever I shower I get cold, which lowers your immune system.
  9. I've never heard of not takinga shower when you're sick... and I've always showered MORE often when I'm sick because it just feels good.

    maybe if you're worried you could turn up the heat in your bathroom a little to help ease the transition? I also sometimes dry off behind the curtain and put a bathrobe on before getting out- shields your skin from the cold air hits water feeling :smile:
  10. ^^Over-exerting yourself can cause a big relapse if you're not careful and misjudge how much energy you actually have to shower. I made that mistake when I had a bad sinus infection back in October.
  11. what are you guys doing in the shower that requires so much energy?? :confused1::p

    I think a shower can make you feel better, refreshed, energized.

    I think you need to just do what you feel like. If you feel like a shower would be nice, take one! If you're not feeling it, by all means stay in bed.
  12. yeah it definitely made me feel better. Thank you :biggrin:
  13. Being unclean was making me uncomfortable so it was definitely something I took as a priority. But yeah I can see whee you're coming from, I've only had the flu once too *knock on wood* but I never ever want to experience that ever again!! It was the most horrible illness I've ever had and If I ever have it again I want to be hospitalized with an IV of pedialite going 24/7 :lol:
  14. Maybe it's just my family?? lol I've been told this since I was little.

    Yeah I pretty much did all of that, I got dressed and dried my self in the bathroom and I even turned on the heater we have in there because I was so worried. I didn't leave the bathroom until I was sure I was completely dried and had my clean pijammies on :lol:
  15. When I"m sick taking a shower always makes me feel better. I've never heard anything about it making you more sick.