To show how serious I am about this lifetime change..

  1. I am going to attempt to eat part of a carrot. LOL!!!! This has not attempted for nearly two decades. But I guess if I want that flat stomach, I have to start somewhere.. even if it means a daunting, raw, carrot.. so here goes..
  2. Aww good luck! I know how you feel..... I WANT THAT FLAT STOMACH TOO!! heheh GO aarti!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Wow! You're better than me. I still pick the carrots out of the premade salads I get. My mother is always like, you can't even taste them...But I know they're there.:s
  4. Do you not like carrots?:confused1:
  5. aarti, you're so cute! i love those baby carrots (but can't stand those ones in salads, i pick around them too).

    maybe try easing into carrots with a little fat free ranch dressing or something to dip them in? (works with my little nephew, lol!)
  6. Ah, good luck, I love raw carrots & other raw salad foods, unfortunately i also love the dressings, cheeses etc LOL Need that flat tummy also so good luck!
  7. Hehe, I am this same way but about tomatos!
  8. If you don't care for carrots they are easy to sneak into food. I used to grate carrots and put them in lots of stuff (spagetti sauce, meat balls, soups, etc) when Lil Max was little. When they're grated the flavor is sweeter and less bitter.
  9. Good stuff.

    I just got sick of the 15 pounds that I've added (not like 135 is skinny or anything anyway), so I'm doing the South Beach diet. I'm a 1/3 of the way there....

    And you can do it too!
  10. I'm just the opposite. Even though my eating habits suck (yep I said it) I love almost all healthy foods. I need to turn it around too!
  11. hahaa Good luck aarti! I suggest baby carrots, much more pleasant!!
  12. yes i agree, baby carrots are sooo much better....definately ease into it with ranch dressing.

    good luck!!!
  13. Ugh! Good luck to you!! :smile:


    But when they're cooked with a roast...:drool:

    After I pop this baby out, it's back to WW for me!
  14. LOL I thought some of you would get a kick out of this! I'll try baby carrots,. As for dips i have no clue where to start. and today I may attempt a ....salad... haha we'll see how that goes.
  15. I am not a fan of fruits or vegetables in the least! Maybe I should try something sweeter and then move to stuff like this.