To ship or not to ship... my car cross-country

  1. Hi, any thoughts, suggestions on whether it's wiser to ship an SUV cross-country or better to sell it and buy once I reach my destination. I think it'll cost around $1000+

    Do you know of a reputable automobile transport company? I was just going to call AAA to inquire.

    Anyway, if you've had an experience, positive or negative, or you're just smart... give me your input.

  2. It's obviously going to be cheaper for you to have it shipped. Why don't you just drive it or have a friend drive it for you?

    We've shipped cars plenty of times due to military moves and have never had a problem
  3. for $1000, I'd ship it. If you drove it, think of all the miles on your vehicle and gasoline costs.

    Selling a vehicle is a pain in the neck.

    I'd run the numbers, if it is time to get yourself a new vehicle...then buy a new one. But if your old one is a keeper, then I'd pay the $1000.

    Happy moving!
  4. 2 years ago, we bought our Benz off eBay & had it shipped from California to Indiana using DAS (Dependable Auto Shippers..) That was open carrier transport. It was around 1K. Took us almost 2 weeks to get the car. Other than it taking a little longer than expected, we had no problems.

    We moved last month from Indiana to Florida & had 3 cars transported down. This time closed, private carrier & it was around $3,500. This was arranged through our moving company as they have contracts with several auto transport companies. It took only 3 days~ our cars got here before all our stuff!

    Just a tip, DH negotiated the price down almost 1K. Don't be afraid to "haggle" a bit;)

    I would def. ship a car before going through the hassle of selling it & buying a new one. Alot more complicated~

    You can do a search online.. most auto transport companies can give you a quick quote after filling out an online form.
  5. acegirl ---- I requesed quotes online, but feel like I'm getting so much spam now.

    My car is nearly new, so I'd prefer to keep it. I'm just concerned that I receive my car in the same condition that I hand it over to the shipping company.
  6. You might want to call the dealership where you got your car & see if they have any recommendations.
  7. Yeah, spam sucks...

    When the driver comes to pick up your car, he will do a will do an inspection of your car with you there. They will note every little scratch, mark on your car~ at least they did with me. He found things on my car I had never noticed before:push: They don't want to be accused of causing any damage as much as you don't want to find any additional damage. The inspection is good for both parties.
  8. Unless it was a more expensive vehicle (75k+) I would probably just drive it or have a friend drive it.
  9. Roo --- thanks a lot, I will look into those 2 sites. I'm moving from Boston to California...can't wait!!!
  10. ^^ not far at all.. 48 hours of driving... Its nice weather. I 'd have the moves arrive to get my furniture and head out. If you have a friend split the driving you'll arrive before the movers.

    I'd drive. its going to cost you less in gas then 1000$
  11. Ooh, welcome to CA in advance! Where will you be?
  12. Lori... I grew up in San Francisco (near West Portal, St. Francis Woods) but I'm moving to Los Angeles now.
  13. We moved from NJ to CA last year and had both of our cars shipped. Lucky for us the DH's company paid. Don't recall the company but could probably dig up the paperwork if you need another recommendation.

    I think it's definitely the way to go. Both our cars arrived unharmed and without any delays.

    Glad to see another 'Chloe' girl coming to area.