To Shine or Not to Shine?

  1. Anyone know how to keep b-bag leather looking shiny? :confused1: I hate matte b-bag. Any advices? Thanks
  2. Apple rain guarde!! Spray (following directions) (may be rain repellant?) Keeps the shine!! Search forum, several PF'ers order this product. Julie
  3. Definitely don't condition it - that seems to remove the shiny finish in most cases!!! I agree w/the apple garde being a possible way to help preserve it.
  4. WHAT i love about the apple guarde is it keeps it shiny, but it also is gentle enough to allow the creases and wrinkles to develop as the bag slouchs.

    great product and can be reapplied often to maintain desired effect. Have sprayed my bag atleast 6 times in one month, and it looks great!!! the shine is there but the character is still developing!! Hope that makes sense!:yes:

    thanks julie
  5. Julie: Which apple guarde do you use?? Do u use Apple Guard Rain?? I have heard that are a few...Thanks a lot!:yes:
  6. where can this be ordered? or is it sold locally within the metro boston area,,,
  7. apple guard can be bought through | Leather Wallets & Handbags they ship wherever.

    the apple guard spray is what keeps the bag protected and shiny ;) whereas the apple lotion will condition and mattify the leather.
  8. I read the description for the Apple Leather Protector (a spray bottle) and the Apple Stain and Rain Repellant (a spray can) and they are the same. Which one are you talking about to keep the shine?
  9. [​IMG]
  10. Has anybody used this? I just bought some and was wondering if anyone had any experience with it?
  11. No I haven't tried it yet, but I just ordered it so I will let you know how it is when I get it. :p Have you tried yours yet?
  12. i have also ordered mine and waiting for it to arrive
    i hope it's good.. teeheee
  13. I`m using the LMB moisturizer and its great? Expensive though.
  14. Haven't used it yet. I'll let you all know after i use it.
  15. just bumping this in case anyone has used it yet... i used the lovin my bags protector which made my previously shiny rouge-vif a more matte finish, would love to restore the shine if possible.