to sell vinyl cabas, or not to sell?

  1. i have the smaller vinyl cabas, and i'm thinking about selling it cuz i have the khaki (bronze) baby cabas from resort

    i'm nervous to put it on eBay, cuz there are so many fakes. is there any other way to sell?

    should i sell it?? i know if i do, i'm never getting it again, and that's scary if i have seller's remorse

  2. Maybe hold on too it a little bit more. I came very very close to selling one of my bags, and had big time buyers remorse. Luckily in the end it did not sell.

    I don't know any other way to really sell it. You could take it to a high end consignment store, and set a price. The problem is most people may be looking for an extra good deal.
  3. You sound unsure so I say wait a little while longer and then decide.
  4. I would wait a month, if you are still not using it regularly then I would sell sell sell and buy something else you want to use.
  5. I'd actually say sell! if your main intent of selling the bag is because u hardly use it/don't quite like it as much anymore, i'd sell it and put the money towards another bag (or anything else actually), and IMO the vinyl cabas might get a bit "dated"-- if you hold on to it for a long time and end up deciding to sell later, you may not get such a good price for it?
    And i agree with Michele, if u end up deciding to sell it, try a high end consignment store. HTH :yes:
  6. I'd sell it, because as nightshade said you'll get a great price now, and later on when there are other coveted bags, you might not even be able to cover the RRP. Especially as you have the bronze Cabas - do you use that one more in your opinion?
  7. You know what, I would think for a little while about selling it.... If you want to sell it down the line you can always apply for marketplace here on the PF and sell it to another PFer?
  8. Its true what they say about RRP you might not get as much but if money's not an issue hold on to it till you are sure u want to sell it.
  9. in my opinion, you should keep it if you have any doubts..............its a great bag and sellers remorse feels icky - and some bags, not only in Chanel, do look outdated (i.e., LV multicolor) but are still very coveted..........
    the vinyl Coco Cabas and the baby leather in khaki are nothing fact, i returned my denim Cabas because it to me will for sure look dated down the line (and i too have the vinyl), and am getting a baby in silver tomorrow!!!
  10. i love this bag!! it doesn't sound like your totally okay with letting go. don't sell it yet.
  11. I have a vinyl and a bronze cabas too and I love them so much :love: I used my vinyl cabas more than my bronze cabas and I get compliments from people all the time.

    :yes: I think you should hold on to it, because you sound unsure that you do want to let it go!
  12. i think you should wait until you're sure that you don't want the bag. you don't want to regret getting rid of it.
  13. u should wait!
    i have a navy baby and a vinyl. and on original caviar OTW, think about selling one of those, but it's been weeks adn i don't have a heart to do it LOL