TO sell or to keep....

  1. Hello all!
    Haven't posted in a while (mostly lurking :shame:smile:
    anywho....been downsizing the toki collection ( as much as it breaks my heart :crybaby:)
    so I was thinking if I should sell or keep my l'amore ciao ciao.
    Its gorgeous, but I dunno when I'm going to use it. I'm not going to school. When I stick my sketchbook in it, the sketchbook takes up most of the space (and I carry more stuff than just the sketchbook).. but its sooo pretty :drool:

    what do you think?

    Also, when the frik is Vacanze going to be in macy's......I want a zucca >_X
  2. keep it!!!! YOu'll regret! its pretty!
  3. I felt the same way about my amore gioco. I've only used it once or twice. So I thought about selling it but the print is so pretty. I've decided to hang onto it.

    I'd rather have something in amore than nothing.
  4. well...i have an amore mamma mia, zucca and bambinone..
    actually the ciao ciao was an impulse buy (couldn't resist the cuteness!!)
  5. I would sell it since you already have several.. Or I would sell one of your smaller lamore bags since those are all around the same size and keep the ciao ciao...
  6. Yeah, I guess if you think about the usage & style for each bag, then you do have duplicates that you could potentially sell one of:

    Shoulder tote:
    Mamma Mia vs. Zucca

    Cross-body bag:
    Ciao Ciao vs. Bambinone

    Just depends on what you think you can make use the Ciao Ciao too big to serve as a grab-and-go handsfree bag? I don't have a good feel for how big or small it is in comparison to say a Coach swingpack. Or could you just carry the sketchbook in your hand and put all your other purse stuff into the Ciao Ciao?

    L'Amore is so cute! You could hang on to it for awhile as you think about it, and it sounds like there's a consistent demand for it so you could always sell it later.
  7. Since you have other bags in amore then I would sell it. I thought it was your only one.
  8. I would sell it and get something you will really use, there are alot of really pretty bags!
  9. yeah i'd sell it... i only used my ciao ciao for a short time :-/ it wasn't my style but it's in reserve cuz it's a black one and it's the only ciao ciao i have lol. but if you don't neeeeeeed it I say get something you need and/or want even more :smile: people are usually happy with those decisions
  10. I'm with tehlilone, sell it. The ciao ciao just did NOT work for me like I'd hoped, but the print placement on my Foresta ciao ciao is so amazing I couldn't part with it. If I had another Foresta piece with perfect placement, I'd sell it in a second. As it is now, I'm thinking about deconstructing the bag and framing the panels.
  11. thanks ladies...i just ended up returning it to was still within the 180 days ( i have a macy's card)....and I ended up buying a L.A.M.B bag instead. ^_^;;