To sell or to keep?

  1. Gah, I got this big issue!
    I recntly put out an add where I sell my LE cerises poch. And I got an offer and she said she will transfer the money asap.
    My problem is that i'm starting to change my mind..And now I don't know what to do.

    But here is what im thinking of:

    1. I've had it for a year and I never ever used it.
    2. I'm having a problem with not being the original buyer and thatI bought it from eBay but it know its authentic since I got it authenticated at the LV store.
    3. I think it's a bit childish with the cherries but I still adore it.
    4. Prices seems to keep going up on it on eBay and I dunno if I ever will find one in the same condition again?
    5. I do love it. But will I use it?

    Gaaah..the thing was, when I put it out, it was because I needed the money and now I don't..

    What would you ladies do?
  2. if you are doubting yourself AND you don't need the money, then hold onto it... you can always sell it later
  3. Definitely don't sell if you're not sure about it. You'll wind up regreting it!
  4. I'd suggest you keep it if you have a doubt, and you don't need the money now. However, keep it in mind that sales is picking up in holiday seasons. If you change your mind and decide to sell it later, you might won't get as good offer as now you have.
  5. if you're doubting then you should keep it!! what if you regret selling it later!!
  6. I think if you offered to sell it and have a buyer, you should sell it. You haven't used it for a year, you should move on.
  7. i do feel like that sometimes with a bag i haven't used for a long time.
    usually, i try to wear the bag again and see if i really "can" use it.
    if i don't feel comfortable carrying it, i'll sell it

    but there are some stuffs that i kept as collection and i don't really use it a lot like my lv panda items...
    i use the wallet, but i kept the organizer in the dustbag and although i do't use it much, i don't have any intentio to sell it yet, unless i REALLY need the money. because it's a collection designed by my fave artist.
  8. hold onto to it for another couple of months and then look and see if you've used it since then, if not sell it
  9. If you haven't used it, then let it go. Have you planned to use the $$ on another purse?
  10. If you're doubting it, don't sell it. I sold one bag that I wasn't sure about on eBay and have always regretted it because now its very hard to find!
  11. don't sell it unless your are sure. that bag is now about 2 yrs old and will be almost impossible to find in good condition. it's a classic!
  12. Thanks ladies!
    I didn't sell it. It's in such good condition that I doubt I'll ever find it in the same condition again!

    And actually..i'm planning on using it today!