To sell or not to sell..

  1. I'm in two minds about selling my oak buffalo leather alexa.
    I would have her for 5 years come the end of October. I just never seem to reach for it anymore, not sure if its really in style anymore? Got it for a big birthday, so feel guilty selling it.

    Not sure what to do!
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  2. You have to be realistic. If you're a person who wants/needs to use their bags but you don't choose this one, then perhaps consider selling it and replace it with a bag that is more suitable for your style now?

    Or, if you're a collector, and don't need to sell......keep it!
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  3. I only recently got one so naturally I can't recommend selling :cool: But, there's a couple of things to consider:
    - What's the condition? If it needs a trip to mulbs, I'd do that only if planning to keep the bag.
    - The market isn't so hot for Alexas. Personally, I like it and think it's a style that won't date too much. The current trend for bags is a bit more clean cut but there will be people interested, but you need to make a real discount. Loads of bags out there with typical corner wear etc...
    - Is there another bag that's filling the same spot? Keeping similar bags is pointless, you'll probably end up using something else
    - Autumn is coming and oak Alexas are great for autumn looks! See if you like it or try to sell it. The thing with bags is that the longer you keep some bags, the less they are going to get you when you sell. I'd say the current price for an alexa in excelent condition is max roughly £500+ if you want to have it sold, I wouldn't have paid £600.

    I had a black bays clutch, which I loved and think it's a total classic, but let it go since I never used it. I never reached for it so what's the point in keeping it. I have one in red and think it works better in colours since I'm a pretty boring dresser. Luckily, I was able to swap it for something close to the purchase value, sold that and then got my mint Alexa so didn't make a big loss.
  4. I sold quite a few of my bags because they just stayed in my closet. A few of them I don' t miss at all, but the classics I have actually rebaught. . I wouldn't do it if I was you.
  5. Thanks for your words, I was in two minds about selling my bayswater/small lily and the moment I put them up on sale, I start to miss them and remove the sale.
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