To sell or not to sell

  1. I've been debating for weeks (about 6 of them) weather or not to sell my cherry speedy, I think it's cute but with my le fabs, sac de nuit, and MC speedies, it is the last bag I think of using. I know that everyone will reply if you don't use it sell it....but what consitutes not using it.....for 3 days a year, 1 mth a year. Do you see what I'm saying if using it means carrying the bag for 3 days in a row, well sure I could do that but then again is this really using the bag?
  2. To be honest, I would let go MC speedies before Cerises.
  3. Awww what a tough dilemma. Even if you don't wear her....I would keep her because of it being limited. BUT that said...if you decided you wanted her back you could find one on ebay. Do you have another bag in mind to use the $$ towards?

    Personally me...I love the cerises so much that even if I used it once a year I'd keep it LOL
  4. I wouldn't sell it...even if you don't use it much. They are $$$ on ebay.
  5. I wouldn't sell it regardless of how little you use it but that's just my opinion. If it was a mon speedy or something I would say otherwise as those you can purchase again in the future if you want!?!
  6. That's a tricky question. I know that I don't use all my bags all the time, but I don't ever think about selling them if I still love them. For example, some of my chanel bags, I find a little dressy to carry being the mom of two toddlers and having no special places to go, so I never carry them. But I still admire them from time to time and I would never sell them. So for me it's not just use, it's also that I love having them in my collection.
  7. Don't sell it...I think you would regret it:sad:
  8. Well, ask yourself how much do you love it? If you love it a lot, then don't sell it. But if you are only keeping it because it seems so sought-after, then maybe it's better to sell it to someone who love it more. JMHO.
  9. tough.....but if i were you i would't sell.....keep it
  10. thats tough. i personally wouldn't sell it cause its one of a kind, you know what i mean? it is limited edition and there's no more out there. i think its always better to have something even if you dont use, than to never have it.
  11. If you don't love it, sell it.
  12. Keep it!! Unless you have something else in mind that you'd much rather have and want to free up some funds...
  13. yeah keep it that's tough I don't think I could ever sell any of my LV.
  14. The cerises is so cute - I wouldn't sell it, maybe keep it as a collectors piece.
    They seem pretty hard to get now and very expensive too.

  15. second that..:yes: :yes: