To sell or not to sell?

  1. I have a mono musette tango and a BH and i'm thinking about selling them.
    This is my collection:

    mono pochette accesoires
    speedy 25
    musette tango.

    I use my speedy all the time. My BH doesn't feel right and the straps fall off. I really like the musette on me but i never wear it. I'm planning on buying the damier speedy 30 and i might be buying the mono speedy 30 and the damier azur 25. I'm affraid to sell the bags because i might regret it. I don;t now if it's smart to buy so many speedies either :confused1:
  2. I know what you mean about selling bags you're not using.
    I find that its always best to sell a bag you can easily replace. This way if you feel bad its not a big deal.
  3. sell! i just went through that phase :P
  4. I think you should sell the BH for sure; if it doesn't feel right, it's not the bag for you. For the Musette...I'm not so sure on that one since you said you liked it (my pochette is sitting there, but I still keep it).

    Once you have a bag you really want and love, you'll probably forget about the ones you sold. :graucho: ;)
  5. Hello~ I sell the bags that I do not use. I had so many that I was feeling guilty and sold them all. Now I buy bags that I will use and even then..if one just doesn't "feel right" It gets sold. This way I can have a few new ones to add to the addiction:yes:
  6. i agree with bernz84 - sell the BH and keep the musette! :yes:
  7. sell what you dont use!
  8. so smart and good advice...I should do the same...
  9. I agree, if you don't love them and don't use them you should sell them. Then you'll get extra $$$ to buy the bags you really love! Good luck. :yes:
  10. I agree too that if you really don't enjoy your purses then sell them and buy yourself something that you love and will get a lot of use out of!!!:smile:
  11. i would sell if a. you arent "inlove" with them anymore. b. you find yourself hardly using them or c. you have found another bag that could indeed repace it!. goodluckk. only sell if you are sure, but the best thing about the situation is, if you really miss it, you can buy it again.
  12. I sold my BH for the same reason, the straps kept falling down. :cursing: Luckily, it went to a very loving home where it's appreciated!

    I say, start out by selling the BH and maybe get the Speedy, either Damier or Mono (whichever the Musette isn't). Then you will have one in each pattern, and you can decide you want another Speedy later, or if a different style will work better for you. And, you will still have a shoulder bag (Musette) if you need it. :jammin:
  13. Sell it and let it be your first experience. Who knows? You may end up feeling good about it later and then it'll be easier the next time! :yes:
  14. If you dont use your bag, you shold consider selling it. Theres no reason for your bag to just sit there if you arent going to love it. This way you can use the money to get something you REALLY like. Hope this helps.
  15. If you don't love it and use it as much, sell it so you can put the $ towards something you love and want and will use more.