To sell or not to sell

  1. So, I have been looking at my collection and realizing that I am not wearing some of the bags at all. For example my Legacy Shoulder in Whiskey I've never worn. I really like it, just haven't worn it. I have sold 4 other things on eBay recently that I didn't use: Punch Swingpack, Punch Mini Skinny, Legacy Stripe Pouch, and the Legacy leather whiskey wristlet.

    My question: Should I sell my Whiskey Shoulder on eBay because 1. I am not using it and it's sitting on a shelf and 2. they are a hot thing right now and people are really looking for them or should I keep it?

    Please let me know! I value you girls opinions!
  2. That is tough one! You are not using it right now but maybe you could pull it out in the future. If they are the hot thing right now, you may regret it. How about wearing for a couple of days and see how you feel about it? A thought...
  3. I would sell it. I sell bags that I don't use so that I can buy new ones.
  4. I was in the same dilema. I look at my collection, which is only 10 bags, and think it's perfect and then I realize that I carry only a few of the 10 I have because they are my favorites. Either they are comfy or they hold everything or they go with more of my wardrobe so they get used more. But what good is it to have a bag that never gets used, even if it's lovely to look at? I'd say that if you haven't even used it once since you've gotten it, you aren't going to use it later. It's a hot item now and I'd sell it while the prices are good. Doesn't matter if everyone else loves it, if you aren't using it then it's a waste of your money and space.
  5. That's what I was thinking.

    I really like the new Chocolate Carly Medium. But, about 3 months ago I bought the Chocolate Tote with the large C's and ended up returning it because it was too slouchy. So, I am debating. I want to try it on, but I don't want them to be sold out before I get a chance to try them on. ARGH! :cursing:
  6. you can buy now and return if you dont like it. in regards to selling some of the bags in your collection, i would go for it, only if you really do not plan on using them in the next year or so.
  7. There will always be a new bag to covet. If you've had it for that long and not worn it I would sell it. You'll fetch more money than you spent on it and you'll be able to buy something you love so much that you want to wear it as soon as you rip open the tissue!
  8. Well, guess what?

    I just called Coach and ordered the new Chocolate Carly Medium! It will be here probably Tuesday or Wednesday! I am also selling my Legacy Shoulder on eBay.

    Thanks for the advice. That's how I felt pretty much the whole time, just needed a little reassurance!
  9. If your shoulder bag is still new you could always return it to the Coach store and exchange it for something else, too. Then you wouldn't lose money to eBay.
  10. Actually, I know I won't lose money on eBay because they are a hot commodity now. They've been all going for over $400.

    Contemplated taking it back to Coach, but thought I would get more through eBay.

    We'll see!
  11. all i know is if you decide to sell on eBay, will you PM me your ID because I've been wanting to buy one.
  12. Ashley:

    I think you are doing the right thing by selling a bag you are not using. I returned my Shoulder bag in whiskey to Coach and got another bag. I just wasn't using it because I found it too small. Good luck on your new bag.

  13. I am finding mine kind of small for me too. This bugs me as I had wanted this bag so bad.
  14. I think that's why I didn't use it. It seemed cramped and bowed out when I put my usual stuff inside. Excited about the new Carly though. Woo Hoo.

    Ok going out to eat for our Anniversary at a fancy seafood place. Talk to y'all lata! (I am from NY and moved to FL 4 years ago...funny saying y'all!)
  15. TL.... Is that some LV I'm spotting in your sig? :graucho:

    LOL... I agree - if you're not using them, sell them to get something you will use...