To sell or not to sell - Vernis Alma PM

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I have a Alma PM in Griotte Vernis and I'm on the fence on whether or not I should sell the bag. I love to color and the shape of the Alma, but I find myself not using it much - it's a dressy bag for every day and I'm worried about color transfer.

    Since it was a seasonal color, I'm worried that I'll regret getting rid of it. Also, the resale value isn't super great even though the bag is in pristine condition. Any advice?
  2. Are you at the point in your collection where you can own some bags you love and don't use that often? If you are, keep it. I am a big fan of selling when you don't love something, but I own bags I barely use and love. You say you love the color and shape so if I were you, I would keep it. I own a Rose Litchi Alma PM that I barely use but it's so gorgeous and fun that I won't ever sell it.
  3. Just use the bag then, u may fall back in love with it and u will have ur answer to your question
  4. I think keep it and try to use it once a month maybe? It sounds like you'd regret selling it.
  5. I sold mine to couture USA for the same reasons. I had Indian rose. No regrets. If you really like vernis, maybe the alma bb will be more useful.

  6. I am! Thanks for the advice, I'm going to hold on to the bag. :smile:
  7. I have the Alma PM in Amarante and like you rarely wear it out but I love this bag. Once Fall comes, I probably will start carrying it out more. The Griotte is a stunning color and I am sure you will not regret holding onto this bag.
  8. Don't sell it! I had one in Rouge Fauviste and sold it two years ago, now I'm still kicking my self.
  9. Don't sell it. I have a brand new RB with a matching wallet that I almost sold but the price I'd be getting is crazy low. I bought a nice bag charm and I'm in love with her again.
  10. good! and i use my Vernis Alma's as day bags too, even with jeans.
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    Don't sell! Alma is gorgeous, and the color your have is a stunning, versatile shade of " red". This bag will forever be classic and since you love the shape and color, I think you'd regret selling it. Also, as you mentioned, the resale isn't at all good for these bags, so you're urther ahead keeping this beauty in your collection even if you rarely carry it. I do think it can be dressed up or down. It can be used for business in a suit/ dress clothes, for dressy occasions such as Showers, luncheons, dinners..., and also looks great with denim and heels with a blazer or silk blouse. I find it a very versatile, ladylike chic bag!
  12. Honestly...if it was an epi in a similar color, I would say keep it.

    But Vernis is a nightmare. I love the Alma too, and thought about a noir vernis, but once anything transfers, the bag is ruined. I personally didn't want to worry so much about such an expensive bag. I opted for the electric black epi instead and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Same lovely shine as the vernis, but less likely to have any color transfers. Good luck.

    If you are too afraid to use it, is it really worth it to keep it?
  13. Vernis wears like iron. I have an 8 year old Pomme wallet which looks brand new. My rose litchi Alma pm also looks incredible- perfect. Color transfer is definitely possible on extremely light colors but Noir Vernis would wear different than Epi.

  14. I had the bag for two years and there was no color transfer at all.
  15. I totally agree with everyone that you should keep it :smile:
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