To sell or not to sell....the $64,000 question.

  1. I picked up my Aqua GH City over the weekend and it is love. Pure love. The leather, the GH is an amazing combination and I want another one.

    I also have a Blue India City. The color is so similar to the Aqua I am thinking of selling it to help fund my next acquisition.

    Do any of you have both Aqua and BI, and do you find them so similar you would sell one? It just seems crazy to have two bags, in the same style, and more or less the same color.

    TIA for your comments.

  2. Yeah, I think sell the one you least prefer. I found BI too similar to 07 Aquamarine to purchase the Aquamarine. I love the BI more : )

    I wish you well,

  3. Personally, I would sell. But that's just me. I looking for Turquoise in the Work style and I plan to sell my Teal once I find it even they're not the same color.
  4. lol, i wandered into this thread thinking you had $64K worth of b-bags to sell :roflmfao:...and i don't think it's crazy at all to have 2 or more bags in the same style/same color :p
  5. I only have BI but i've already seen Aqua IRL.
    Both colors are quite similar IMO. BI is like dusty blue with no green in it but Aqua does have green undertone.

    I'd keep only one if i were u. Aqua with GH is definitely stunning.:drool:

    I haven't bought Aqua as i just love my BI a little bit more. But, Aqua is beautiful too!!!;)
  6. ^lol, me too seahorse! :0 i was prepared to gawk!

    if they are so similar in colour, i guess you could just judge based on which hardware you prefer? IMO, i would keep the blue india and search for a different colour with GH.
  7. I would hold onto it for a few more weeks, and see how many times you wear the BI over the Aqua. If it's ZERO, sell away!! :smile:
  8. Yup sell one to fund the next purchase.
  9. Can you post a side by side photo?
  10. Yes, I think I would so that I could use the funds for a bbag I like better in the future!
  11. Yep, sell the least favorite. Both are very similar.

    Unless they are different styles, and then you have an excuse to keep both!
  12. Sell it! Life is too short to deprive yourself of a coveted new bag when you already have two that are so similar to each other. It'd be tough to let go of the BI's such a divine color!
  13. I know I should sell it. It doesn't make sense to have two of the same bag in the same color (more or less).

    This is going to sound crazy but I think my Blue India will become my run around bag (errands, kids sporting events etc...) and my Aqua will become my weekday bag.

    I wish the First came with GH. I would love to get a sandstone first with GH for Spring / Summer.

    Thank you so much for your feedback. I guess I'm not ready to part with my BI just yet :heart: .
  14. Oooo, that's actually a great idea! A beater handbag! :p
  15. Yes KD, a very expensive beater handbag.

    My husband will be thrilled to know that I am back on the BBag carousel.