To Sell or Not to Sell - that is the ???

  1. My mother gave me this bag a few years ago. Sadly, it's sat in my closet unused. I know it's authentic and a good bag.
    While I've perused this site high and low, I can't determine what kind of bag it is or the color. However, I'm looking for opinions on whether to keep or sell...thoughts???
    Thanks - from a confused 2nd generation owner.:shrugs:
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  2. Sorry to tell you that you won't be able to find this particular bag on the H forum because Hermes didn't make this bag :oh: If this is a present from your mother, perhaps you should keep it............
  3. Sorry to burst your bubble here but this is not an authentic Hermes bag.
    If it is a present from your mother I recommend to keep it. Selling it would be difficult as this is clearly a counterfeit item.
  4. Thanks for the info. I trust this forum's knowledge and won't try to sell it. What do I look for in an authentic bag?
  5. Are you wanting to purchase a bag? You had mentioned that you were sure your bag was authentic. Just wondering what info gave you that assurance. :confused1:

    If you are wanting to purchase an authentic bag from a re-seller, which it sounds like you are wanting to do, you may want to start by looking at the list of recommended sellers here on tPF and then posting the bag you're interested in in the Authenticate section. Here are some links that might help you navigate to those areas of the forum.
  6. I trusted that my mother knew what she bought. So, I want to make sure she doesn't make the same mistake again. Further, after perusing the site, I became more and more interested in the more modern bags for myself.

    Many thanks for the links and the info!