To sell or not to sell... that is the question

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  1. How do you determine when it is time to sell off one of your bags?

    When I first started buying Coach, I would sell my old bag to afford the new bag.. that way I always felt like I was getting a deal. Plus, it was easier to convince the hubby that it was ok to spend 500.00 on a purse ;)

    Now, I have quite the collection, but a few bags that (even though I love them) I hardly wear, if even at all. SO, my question is:

    When is it time to say "out with the old, and in with the new"?
  2. I would say when you never wear them anymore.
  3. Seconding Bethie, with the additional requirement that you can't honestly see yourself wearing them again (or you would prefer a new bag to the old).
  4. I, theoritically say that when you don't wear them, sell 'um! But, I have a ton of stuff that I just can't bear to part with even tho I haven't used it in a year plus! So, keep it unless you nkow you will not miss it 100%! :smile:
  5. If they are not being used, I think that its not fair to the bag and its not fair to me. I won't sell bags that I received as gifts though.
  6. I had this fight w/ myself a few weeks ago over 2 coach bags that I just wasn't using anymore. I used to say that I would never sell any of my designer bags....but I needed some extra money and the space, so I sold them. I never gave it a 2nd thought when they were gone.
  7. Bethann, I am kinda the same way... I mean, each piece I buy is special... but when they aren't being used, and then I have my eyes on this super expensive legacy tote... I just don't think I should be splurging when I have over 15 bags and half of them have hardly been out or used. I am a little torn... but hearing that you didn't give them a second thought after selling them puts me at ease.

    The other thing that troubles me is that I will lose money by selling a bag on ebay because the tags are not attached, even if they haven't been carried. I save all my documentation though for every bag, so that might help a little.... we'll see though I guess.
  8. Personally I sell them when I get a new one.. for two reasons 1 being I personally can't justify spending a huge amount on bags that sit in my closet, and 2 is I don't switch purses often if ever, so it is pointless. I do have a signature duffle though that I have not sold, I just always switch up and go to that bag, so I will not sell it until I stop using it 100%
  9. I think that will help. Even if you do lose a little bit of money, it's still cash in hand to help fund the legacy tote. That's how I try to think about things.
  10. Great Topic!!

    I too have carried coach for several years and always sold the old when buying new. I generally bought a new bag/wristlet set every 3 mos or so. I sold the old on eBay when it was still a newer style (usually sold out long gone) and lost very little money. I couldn't justify spending $400-$500 on another bag and have one in the closet I wouldn't be switching back to. I don't switch bags everday .. I get a bag and use it until I'm tired of it. I recently bought a LV Limited Edition bag .. the problem is I spent so much money on it, I'm afraid of using it and risking damage. So I'm sitting here debating myself .. do I buy another Coach bag (which I know I'll be sick of in 2 months and want to sell) or buy say a LV speedy or something that's more reasonably priced and then maybe I'd like longer?

    Back to the thread topic though, I say go ahead and sell if you're not the type to "go back to" a bag!! Why let the money set in the closet going to waste so to speak .. sell it and turn the money into a new bag!!
  11. It's funny this thread came up because i've had a similar dilemma recently. My very first Coach, a present from DH was a soho houndstooth tweed and matching wristlet that he bought me for Christmas in (2002?) Since then I have added more and more bags to my collection. I am now thinking I may not carry the tweed again since I like my newer bags a lot more but it still is kind of heartbreaking to think about selling that first one, especially since DH hand picked it out for me. I tried to give it to my MIL to keep it in the family, but she gave it back because it didn't fit all her stuff (that woman needs a large carly). There does not seem to be much interest in tweed Coach on ebay and i'm thinking I'll get very little out of it so I might as well keep it's in storage again. Maybe DD will like vintage Coach tweed in about 15 years.
  12. I sell stuff ALL the time, I carry a bag for a little while and then when the fun newness of it wears off, its on ebay and I never look back.

    Only ones I will keep forever are my large sig duffle (first coach and I carry it alll the time), 2004 patchwork, and my legacy shoulder, everything else comes and goes