To sell or not to sell: rouge yoyos

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  1. I have a pair of rouge yoyo 100s that I bought 2 years ago and have worn only once. I discovered that I just don't wear red.... Plus they are not comfortable. Yoogis is offering 225-245 for them. Here is the deal. They are pretty so I hate to sell them but likely will never wear them? Should I sell?
  2. I would get rid of anything that isn't comfortable. You won't wear them. Better to put the money towards something you can wear.
  3. I agree with Jet. You should sell them. They are not comfortable for you and you just don't wear red: these are two reasons for selling them. I'm sure you will find another pair of CLs that is comfy and can be worn. Maybe something classic in nude or black?
  4. They sound beautiful but deserve to be worn. Maybe sell them and put the money towards a new pair that will be just as beautiful.
  5. I am selling items that do not fit and are uncomfortable. it's tough to do
  6. I'm doing the same. I'm getting rid of my size 40.5 shoes - although they are beautiful they burn my feet! :sad:
  7. Yup, sell if you don't wear. I really need to do the same with a pair of 40. 40.5-41 work better for me and I didn't know the patent wouldn't stretch enough when I bought them. Get something new that you'll wear all the time!