To sell or not to sell?? RE: black diagonal CC flap


To sell or not to sell?? What a question to ponder...

  1. Sell for the new chain

  2. Don't sell and keep

  3. Other opinion - please comment below

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  1. I became a Chanel addict pretty recently, no thanks to tPF of course!! :lol: About two months ago, I purchased this beauty (February 24, 2007 to be exact) and I have only carried her two, maybe three times. I think she's gorgeous but I've come to the realization that I'm definitely more of a classic flap type of girl. I just broke my self-imposed "ban" -- not going tell what bags (plural!) I bought until they arrive :graucho: -- and I'm just dying to get the new chain flap in black, since the red is but a dream. Hence my dilemma!! :sad:

    I absolutely cannot keep both the diagonal CC and the new chain...please dearest friends, help me decide whether or not to sell. Plus, not sure what kind of price the bag could fetch on eBay. I wouldn't want to sell if she doesn't go for something quite a bit lower than retail $2595. Thanks in advance!!! :flowers:

    PS - I've included photos below for your convenience ;)


  2. I like the new flap with chain better then the diagonal. I am getting a black lambskin one also with new chain. My SA has one saved for me @ the old price of $1850.00.
  3. get the new chain :p
  4. I prefer the new chain:heart:
  5. The leather on the CC looks gorgeous. I would think you could get close to what you payed for the bag, since the buyer is saving on taxes, and its almost new and Im sure in pristine condition.
  6. get the new chain I bought the black jumbo caviar it is great
  7. I returned my diagonal CC, and I'm glad I did. I'm down for the red w/new chain, which is a better fit for me. I'm more of a "classic flap" gal myself. They just feel right for me.

    The black w/new chain is gorgeous. You will definitely wear that bag more than two or three times.
  8. Definitely the new chain Jenn!
  9. Sell for the new chain!!!
  10. Sell it and get the chain, I have only seen the small flap, but its awesome
  11. I loove this bag. Too bad your is black. I would have buy it if it would have been beige
  12. Jenn, get the new chain! It is just so pretty!
  13. I like the new chain better too...
  14. dont sell Jenn!!!!!
    i love diagonal cc to death!!!!LOL!
    seriously...i love them!!!but they r just too expensive to me:'(
  15. Right now it is 9:4 for sell/new chain versus don't sell/keep. Goshdarnit, but this is tough :push: Do y'all think I'd be able to get most of my $$ back on eBay??