To sell or not to sell- please help me decide

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  1. Hi ladies, i am an avid chanel collector and wondering whether it is time to let go of some pieces from my collection. The thing is i really do like color so i am hesitant to let go of my hot pink lambskin chanel mini rectangle but i also noticed that i rarely use the bag as i'm worried about color transfer and i also have the pixel mini rectangle in rose gold from the cruise collection in 2016 and it bothers me to see how it is aging as i feel the material is rubbing off. Do you think it is time to sell them and just use the money to fund another handbag that i can enjoy? TIA.
  2. Definitely! Get the ones that you will actually enjoy and look forward to using.
  3. Sounds like you should. I’m hovering over selling an H bag of mine, in just the same way. I love it, but I no longer have need of such a big bag, so I’ve rarely used it in several years. I have to make a conscious effort to use it. I’ll be sad to see it go, but I think it makes sense.
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  4. Yes I will sell them and get new purse that actually can enjoy using often.
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  5. I struggle with this ALL the time. There are definitely a couple of bags that I go back and forth on whether to sell because they are "classics" and i might regret getting rid of them but in the end, they sit on my shelf without any love (except for my adoring eyes). If you aren't ever reaching for the bags, I say give them a new loving home and invest in a piece that you will cherish and actually enjoy using. As much as I love my incredible light lambskin or embellished bags I just know that I don't reach for them so I'm migrated to more versatile pieces. No harm in listing them on Vestiare or Tradesy/Poshmark and see what kind of interest you may get.
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