To sell or not to sell my red birkin?

  1. I really want to sell my red birkin to free up some cash but it is such a nice bag... painful decision for me.

    If I decided to sell, what would be a good place to do so? cos for such expensive bag.. i guess it is quite difficult to sell.. in additional, how much would be a reasonable price for a J stamp Rouge Garance birkin 30 in epsom?

    I got no idea how much I should be asking for it.

    pls help..
  2. Chloe, I have heard there are some great consignments in HK... Paris Station is one I've heard consigns Birkins. If you decide to sell it, you may want to consider that option. With spring coming (at least in this hemisphere) red will be in demand. I understand your decision will be hard but there will always be more birkins out there for later.
  3. I agree with Roo. Red Birkins are not that difficult to find and I'm sure that if you decide to sell it, you'll replace it later ;)
  4. what would the cash be for? if it's necessities like rent, food, etc. then don't hesitate.
    if you want more mad money... i think you'd have to be mad to sell an h bag. lol
  5. That's a tough call only because...I thought I wanted to sell my red one...then decided I really wanted it...and thankfully was able to get it back and love it!!! Are you wanting a different color?
  6. I just want to free up some cash and build up my saving. and i also i just placed a few order on birkin and they iwll be here in around 2 years time. so it is good idea to start saving now...

    I love the rouge Garance birkin but compare to my BJ and white JPG i think i will prefer to keep the other 2 instead.

    THe main concern for me now is. for such an expensive bag would it be difficult to sell?

    I also consider about the consignment store but they paid u really low price.. and they re-sell it to make another 20% profit..
  7. I'm getting rid of my red chevre birkin. I'd also be interested in knowing what's the best venue for resale. TIA!
  8. I think you might be better off selling on eBay than a consignment store. If your bag comes with original reciept and is in good condition I do not doubt that you can sell it at the original price it was purchased.
  9. for eBay.. if i take paypal for the payment , will it be too high risk? because I heard about those chargeback story..
  10. ChloeSS, have you thought of flying over to Tokyo consignment Stores.

    I'm just thinking it may be hard for you to go to eBay and get a good price if you have yet to build a rep for selling such high-priced items?
  11. If you don't have to sell RIGHT NOW then I would try ebay too. I think you'd get a better price than at a consignment store, if you have the time it takes to invest.
    Regarding the payment method, I am sure you can find some great advice in the ebay thread here in tpf and also on ebay itself, there's designated forums that deal with those kinds of questions. You may also want to consider an escrow service.
  12. Hi Chloe,
    I remember reading that there are some bad memories attached to the beautiful Birkin so I think it might be best to let it go for now.

    I also think you're better off selling it yourself since consignment takes out a huge amount. But jus to be sure, here is a Ebay calculator for you to use so you can calculate which one you'll get more money out of. Don't forget Paypal will take put another 2.9%+ $0.30 in fees and additional 2.5% for currency exchange fees.

    eBay Fees Calculator
  13. Definitely sell it on eBay. It may take a while but it will sell. If you go through consignment stores, they usually take a HUGE cut on the total and you are going to end up losing money.
  14. I love red so it would be soooooooooooooooooo hard for me to sell a red Birkin.
  15. ChloeSS, do you LOVE your red Birkin?

    If you're not liking it for some reasons (e.g. don't like the size, leather etc. ) then sell it. But if you really love it, and you're not in need of cash for emergency, keep it! :yes: