To Sell Or Not To Sell My Lv Popincourt Haut????? Please Help

  1. Hi there, well my dilema is that i don't know if i should sell my popincourt haut bag. You see i hardly use it i have been using my recent purchase damier saleya pm bag I also have a LV Klara , Beverly mm as well. I really want to buy the damier speedy 30 purse but don't know if i should. Since i also want to purchase the damier neverfull when does that one come out any one knows??? I don't want to have too many of the same print. PLEASE PLEASE HELP BEFORE I BUY SOMETHING I WILL REGRET!!!!:crybaby: :cursing: SAD & CONFUSED
  2. If you don't use it, I think you should sell it. :yes:
  3. i know the feeling. i am having problems letting go of my marshmallow reade pm, but it she is showing signs of discoloration. :sad: i don't use her hardly at all and i'm afraid if i just hold onto her cuz i don't want to sell her, the discoloration will get worse and then i won't be able to sell her at all :sad: :s

    i have heard damier neverfull is slated for early next year, but who knows, i could be wrong and it could be fall. just relaying information i have heard from others. i know how you feel though, i'm waiting for azur hampstead to come out.
  4. Witch bag do you think i should get I'm trying to avoid mono print since after time they get kida uglly??
  5. I just bought the speedy 30 in the Azur today..I love it i think it's such a pretty looking bag..So different from the Mono print
  6. Will that chage color after time???
  7. I'm not sure...I believe that the handles are going to change color..I really don't think it will turn a ugly color.
  8. if you dont use it sell it, its a bag that can easily be replaced if you decide that you miss it and want it back :smile:
  9. I bought the PH returned it missed it and bought it I am no help..I love that bag in the fall/winter it is my small tote.. and I love the shape and balls on it
  10. If you don't use it lose it!