To sell or not to sell, coach legacy stripe wallet vs. coach oxford legacy stripe

  1. hello girls-

    Yey, I sold my coach pond shoulder bag so that I could purchase the new legacy oxford stripe one with the matching wallet and cosmetic bag!

    Now the question is should I sell my legacy stripe framed purse wallet (with the satin legacy stripe and gold trim) because I have the new oxford stripe one? Are they both too much alike? Is it pointless to have both?

    In addition, I listed these really really cute mayra sandals on eBay, because I thought they would not fit, I am a size 9 and these are a ten, and they do!! Are these way too cute to part with? I am thinking they are pretty dang cute!

    Can't decide... thanks in advance for any advice!
  2. I think it's super cute! I love the stripes. I probably couldn't sell it. Thats me though, if you love something else more then go for it.
  3. Oh, the satin with the gold interior is dressy, the oxford is casual. I would keep it for dressier occasions.
  4. keep the legacy satin.. it's soooooooooooo nice!
  5. keep both! they're both so gorgeous!
  6. I HATE the oxford so I'm biased. It's so dull and bla and washed out looking compared to the satin older legacy stripe. Keep the old one! ;)
  7. Yeah...I'm with you...I really don't like the oxford stripe compared to the legacy stripe...but I do know I could not bare to part with my legacy stripe french wallet!
  8. I LOVEEEE the legacy satin. I would never sell it!!