To sell or not to sell Cles

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  1. I bought my LV cles in damier ebene in February I believe. I am thinking about selling it cause the only way I use it is to store my key inside. I think that is too expensive way to store the key in my opinion. I am not sure about selling it because a lot of people love that piece though I do not see why. Will I regret selling it in the future though? I am planning to get the Rosalie in RB though. TIA
  2. Well it is a Pochette Clé, so you are using it the right way!! 😄

    Sell it if you are not happy though... It will sell fast!
  3. Why not connect it to your keys and put some cards or cash inside? It's a great grab and go. In addition to cards/cash I also carry a chapstick. It's my most used piece.. BUT if you aren't using it or think not enough for the price, sell it for something you will use.
  4. I sold mine because I thought it was an expensive keychain. That was almost 10 years ago. No regrets.
  5. I would sell it if you aren't using it. You could always buy it back if your regret it.
  6. I sold mine, I thought it was useless for my needs. No regrets. It will sell fast.
  7. I find mine very useful. I keep store rewards cards and/ or cards that I rarely use that I don't want taking up space in my wallet. I attach my car key fob and I can run an errand with just my Cles if I put a drivers lic and debit card inside. Personally, I would not sell.
  8. When you not love this cute SLG, than sell it;)and invest the money for a lovely piece for you
  9. I'd sell it if you're not using it and buy something else that you will use (i.e., the Rosalie). I never found the cles useful so I never got one. Good luck with your decision.
  10. I wouldn't sell it. You can use it as a coin purse, headphone case, bag charm, business card holder, card holder and so much more. I use mine every day. First for keys but got a 6 ring so turned it into a credit card holder, then I got a new wallet, now it's my coin purse or bag charm. Or I clean it out and use it for headphones. Or.. Yada yada and so on
  11. I say sell. I have the same one but didn't like it for keys as my keys didn't fit inside. I now use it for change but I don't like it for that either as I still store half my change in my wallet. I'm going to sell mine as it annoys me every time I look at it. It's my one and only LV regret.
  12. This made me laugh, not at you directly but because I do the exact same thing when I buy something and it ends up not working for me.

    I know lots of people love cles and have collections for them, but if you are not using it and you have to force yourself to use it, then what is the point of keeping it?

  13. Agreed.
  14. I absolutely love mine. But, if you're not happy with it then sell it!
  15. Sell! That must be the only piece from LV that I never considered purchasing nor will I ever in the future. Use the money to buy the Rosalie! It's way more functional and cuter in my opinion :P

    If you do have any regrets, you can always repurchase.